Senin, 05 September 2011

Featured: She Radio Website

Assalamu'alaikum, friends!!
On Friday I was called by She Radio FM to tell the audience (ON AIR!!) about my latest holiday (mudik) and blogging activity. That was a freaking 3 minutes of speaking, hehehhee *I had a sort of phobia to show up in front of people*
And guess what? They featured my interview on their website!! Aw aw awww >o< *hiding inside wardrobe*
Despite of those "lebay" choices of words in the title (c'mon, I'm not extraordinary >__<), and a grammatical mistake at "be informed and origins" (maybe it should be: share useful information and be original), alhamdulillaah I feel so happy to be given a chance being featured hehehe.
Thanks to She Radio 99.6 FM Surabaya! :D
I hope those tips are useful, too :)