Kamis, 01 September 2011

Eid Mubarak! Journey to Bogor :D

Assalamu'alaikum, Selamat Idul Fitri ^^
Please forgive me shall I did many many mistakes to you all, readers...

I celebrated Eid mubarak at August 31, how 'bout you? :D
After doing eid prayer yesterday at Cimahi, me and family + my grandma went to Bogor!!!
At Bogor, lived my grandma's older brother. Buuuut, before we visited him, we did: Culinary journey! Hehehehehe

I had lived at Bogor for about 4 years when I was a child, and going to Bogor reminded me of the past :')
Aaahhh I love the foods there, especially Kue Ape and gorengan sold by emang-emang (young man) around the houses.

Well, the first place we visited yesterday was: Bogor Permai. Actually it's a restaurant combined with minimarket & selling traditional cakes too. But we didn't get into the restaurant :P It's the street's food that we missed. Usually, there were tukang Batagor, Es Sekoteng, Soto Mie, and Toge Goreng. But since yesterday was Eid day, many were closed >__<
We ate Toge Goreng (opens yesterday). As we remembered, it was the bestest Toge goreng ever! I've been wanting it for 2 years (the last time I ate it was 3 yrs ago). But I don't know, it tasted different and not as good as I knew. But still, compared to other toge goreng at some resto, it's the best :)
Theeeen got in Bogor Permai's minimarket and bought.... Kranggae Binggrae Ice Cream :P Hehehehe, yeah it's not Bogor's thing but I've been curious to taste those Korean ice cream, the fish-shaped ice cream! Cute XD It's vanilla ice cream with red bean paste covered by fish-shaped wafer :d hmmm want it more!

Toge goreng, Kedai Kita, Klappertaart and Pia Apple pie. My outfit: Ribbony blouse. Worn that since eid prayer :D
And we went to Jl. Pangrango. Aaaaaahhh actually, there were Kedai Kita cafe, selling the yummmieesstt grilled pizza! It's grilled inside firewood stove, and it smelled deliciosoooo.. But the cafe was closed >_<
Across the cafe, was the famous Bogor's gift: Pia Apple Pie. Cute small store, look at my narcissistic photos :P heheheh. Bougt the apple pie with my brother.
Aaand, beside Pia Apple Pie, was a Klappertaart store. Nice taste too but I ran out of those Klappeertart due to the crowded store -___-"

Hehehhe that's my culinary story :D byebyeeeee
*blogging from my grandma's house*

Pictures were taken from my blekberih and edited with photoscape. luv u Photoscape :*