Rabu, 14 September 2011

DIY: Harem Pants

Do you like harem pants? I don't know, haven't got the chance to wear harem pants without making my hips looked wider than ever :p
However, last week I spent 3 hours thinking and creating my own batik harem pants. Wanna know how? See this pic :)
PS: sorry for the blurry images. Taken by my 2MP cell phone.

Well, just draw the pattern on your fabric: make sure it's wide (mine was maybe 2x wider than my usual pants)
The pattern was the same, front & back
Sew the sides
Crumple the waist, sew to make pleats
Leave the waist it wide enough so you can wear it & pin it to secure
(You could just add elastic band or zipper, but I was too lazy to do that -__-*)

I know, if any of you understand how to make pattern, my pattern was too simple and not good hahahaha
Wait for the next few days, I will wear this pants :p
PS: see this post, I used the pants! :D

4 komentar:

  1. bagus tia.. senengnya kalo bisa jait sendiri :')

  2. senengnya bisa jahit sendiri, dan seneng juga ya bisa punya hobi jahit, hehehe.. gak hobi sihm, but glad to see you doing it. :)

  3. ah tiaaaa aku malah pgn bisa jahit >,< bener kata orang, pasti ada kecenderungan melihat rumput tetangga yg lebih hijau hahaha :D

  4. i dont know.. i feel no confident to wear the harem pants >_<


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