Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

White Ramadhan

Assalamu'alaikum :D
Hehehe, how come I haven't written anything about Ramadhan?
The biggest grateful for Allah SWT for the opportunity to exerperience the glorious Ramadhan month until day 22.
What's your experience during this Ramadhan? Mine was a little bit weird, different from my Ramadhan years before. From running at Centro contest, having fashionpreneur workshop at Rumah Dannis (me & 10 more people won a design contest, which prize was fashionpreneur workshop), and doing Hijabee's organizational things. I am so thankful :) Met new people, new friends, and new experiences. Alhamdulillaah.

BTW a blog post without pictures could be so boring. So, here's my outfit picture while attending Ngabuburit at mall with SBO TV (my face were caught on TV---while I was not listening at the tausiyah -__-" errrr...)
White top-Icon (from Centro's contest), palazzo: Up2Date, Shoes: UP
Lailatul Qadr?
Yesterday I attended ESQ's Islamic Study about "Catching Lailatul Qadr" by ustadz Agus Mustofa.
Nowadays, people are looking for the "signs" of lailatul qadr: night without the stars, a little bit hot, etc. And at that night they would pray a lot.
Actually, we don't need to guess which night is lailatul qadr.
Lailatul qadr, the night which is more valuable than 1000 months, comes when a Muslim do all the wajib in Ramadhan month (fasting, praying), and read Qur'an with intention to understand it (not just "kejar-kejaran khatam Qur'an). 
Simply, for a muslim who intended to increase his/her soul quality to the maximum potential of iman, especially when he do it at night (the time when our pray's signal sent to Allah SWT in the best vibe), lailatul qadr comes. It's because for a heart that has the same frequency as angel (in iman & taqwa), Allah will make it easier for hikmah to come.
So, lailatul qadr can happen to any of us, in any day of the last days of Ramadhan, and anywhere of the world.
Simply, maximize our iman's quality, and hope Allah give us hikmah to be a better person, and better life.

Wallohu 'alam.

CMIIW :) *shall it be any mistakes in written or understanding of the study*

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  1. love love the shirt

    smoga lancar smua aktifitasnya ya kaka :)

  2. love the pants, need to get one soon XD

  3. wah selamat menikmati sisa ramadhan mbak tia

  4. Iya kita memang seharusnya mengikuti aturan saja, kalaupun ada iktikaf di mesjid ya itu nilai plus dari masing-masing umatnya :)

    InshaAllah puasanya menjadi berkah ya :)


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