Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

I Joined Food Photo Sharing!

Hurraaayyy I got a chance to join Food Photo Sharing with Jiewa-Inijie the Food Blogger, at Omnivoro Fusion Cafe. The event was held by Akademi Berbagi--it's a movement to share free education about various topic. Cool, isn't it? :D

"The event is not a workshop," Jiewa explained. "This is a mini sharing, where we could discuss things about food photograhy."

Awww i was sooo excited. I love capturing food wherever i eat. But my knowledge about camera-world was noooneeee. So, this event would help me much!

At first segment, Jiewa explained some tips to do food-photography, which is totally different to fashion-photo & scenery-photo. Then, Omnivoro cafe prepared some beautifuuulll food to us for practicing photography.
Up left: Having fun practicing photography skill | Up right: I lost focus -__-" | Bottom right: hehehe quite okay :D

Here's some Live tweet from my twitter account, about the "mini sharing". A little bit random, but i hope you can get the tips :D

 Tiananda Widyarini 

Lesson 1. Start with PASSION (in food & photography) |   *FoodPhotography

Lesson 2. Master YOUR TOOL. Kamera HP - Digicam - DSLR |   *FoodPhotography

Kamera handphone, meski kualitas jelek, tetap bisa dipakai untuk latihan komposisi |   *FoodPhotography

Cellphone tips: Gunakan mode Close-up jika ada |   *FoodPhotography

Pocket tips: Gunakan mode Macro |  *FoodPhotography

Pro Tips (DSLR): ISO as low as possible; Aperture f/2.8-f/5.6 Av Mode (+__+) |   *FoodPhotography

BIG DON'T in *FoodPhotography: Use DIRECT flash light |  

FIND YOUR STYLE at photography, either it is blurry at the background, or clear, and stick to it. Having your own style makes your photographs unique.

BIG THANKS to Omnivoro, I won a doorprize: Omnivoro member card! Worth Rp 75.000 + Voucher Rp 100.000
Yaaayyyy!!! :D
Alhamdulillaah, Great event!
fotoku gak penting banget :p

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  1. tia yg beruntung hehehe
    hayuk dijelsin dong cara pengambilan foto yg bener jd bisa belajar juga, soalnya aku jg asal jepret di nyotnyet hihi

  2. ckckck..jempol de tia, jago design,mix n match sekarang liat hasil foto nya jg oke..multi talent de kamuuu ^^b

  3. malu ah mau bawa camera digital pocket biasa, hehehe akhirnya gak ikut :p

  4. Hai, apakabar sahabat.... :)

    Datang untuk mengucapkan,

    Selamat hari Raya Idul Fitri, Mohon maaf lahir dan batin.


  5. Greetings from California! And congratulations on such great food photos. How fun to be part of a community that practices and specializes in food photos. SOme of the people look like they have expensive cameras. I stopped by to visit your blog and am glad I did. Great work.
    I write a blog on food and my thoughts on life and love. I have a small pocket camera but some of my photos have come out decent. Please stop by. Visit. Maybe follow. Thanks!

  6. really envy you >,<
    ajarin dooong kalo aku mampir ke suroboyo yayayayay? *maksaa :D


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