Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

DIY Easy Clothing: Twisted Kimono Shrug

Another simple styling of shawl into a different level of clothing: shrug with kimono look-alike.
I used Delisha's patterned shawl and 3 (three) pins
1. Twist the center of shawl
2. Wear the shawl, with the twisted part below your chest
3. Pin the back of the shawl to your shirt (see a similar step here if it's not clear enough)
4. Pin the sides of the shawl to the sides of your shirt (to create sleeves)

(If you want it more secured, pin the twisted part, too)
 Yay or nay??

7 komentar:

  1. kerennyaaaaa...lucuuu...
    k tia emang kreatif banget dah :jempol:

  2. of course that's a yeaayy!!

    bisaa aja idenya :))

  3. thanks for the idea! that's cool! I've tried it at home..
    I ask your permission to wearing this twist kimono.. :)


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