Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Centro: A New Star Has Born

Lucky meee, being invited to the grand opening of the first Centro dept. store in Surabaya :D
Met some new onliners (well, I raaareeelyyy seen Surabaya's fashion blogger), and found out that one of them came from the same junior high school as me! Aha! I knewww i've seen her face :p
From left to right: Merry, me, Dista, Andri (same junior high!), and Kanya. I love Dista's vintage style heheheh.
There were also Surabaya's Cak & Ning (Mr & Miss Surabaya), Ferry Salim as the MC, Andre Aksana & the beautiful Olla Ramlan (wow she's much more prettier than whom I saw at TV!)

Then a fashion show was held, showing Centro's newest collections. Hehehe I'll only post the kaftan collections, as they are loose and flowy and long and hijab friendly ;D So colorful.
which one do you like the most? I saw some prettier kaftans at the show, but the picture was blurrrryyy -__-"

Then the guests were allowed to do "the first walk" to the new store! Yayyy!!
Ended the event with a big grin :D Received a goodie bag, contained an ethnic necklace! Thanks Centro!!
Whoaaa I became Surabaya's socialite! I'm readyyy to parrrteeehhhh all night loong... ehehhehh kidding, guys. I'm still an introverted silly shy humble and culun girl :D

PS: check out centro's website and find out some contests you could enter :D

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