Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Centro Most Stylish Onliners Part#1

The Most Fun & Hectic Hours at Centro
Let me tell you a short story :D There were a contest: Centro Most Stylish Onliners, held at Surabaya. At the first stage, contestants are grouped into 5 people. Luckyyyyy I've met Hijabee's girl! If not, i didn't know who should I ask to accompany me in a fashionista things like this :p Heheheh.
Theeeeennn the fun part was, these groups were given some minutes to borrow Centro's outfit! Only for the brand CEIL & KARLA. One of the group member should be a model while the rest get her styled. The brand itself has various outfits. Many stylish items like jumpsuits, cardigans, cape, etc. But whaaattt will a hijabi wear??

We got confused. We brought a few piece of scarf & shawl from home, try to mix and match them to what will our 'model' wear. Then we decided to dress her in colorful kaftan.

The hectic-ness continued. What hijab style to use?? The event organizer has told us to be quick, not enough time. Pin here and there. Used this and those shawl. Add a brooch. Add necklace. More pins. And the turban styling done!

Tadaaaaa.... here is sheeeee...
Lily the model, behind her sweet smile, she was hungry and her head was dizzy because of the heavy turban! Sorry girl :p But she's so beautiful riiightt???

Ouchhh others were sooo stylish in modern pick of outfits! And very cool styling, too... Here's a few of the contestants:

The judges then called the qualified contestants to go to the next round. WHY our group's number hadn't been called????? I was busy to comfort myself that it's okay to lose when finally our group number was called.
And the excitement hasn't over.
 Our group became the judges' most favorite styling that dayyy!! Yaaayyyyy alhamdulillaaaahhh!!! It must be bcoz we were different than others :D
See the winning pic here, from @centroholic twitter. I looked fat :p will not post it here!
"Kaftan for Lebaran", beautiful in turban styling, was one point I told the judges at the contest. Hihihi... Maybe it matched Lebaran moment? 
We got one package from PAC cosmetic. Thanks PAC!
Happyyyy :D thanks gals for accompanying me... And splitting the cosmetics to 5 of us was so heboh :p

One lesson learned:
"Wearing jilbab surely makes our choices of clothing less various. There's some rules of modesty. But don't worry, it will bring us LUCK!"

..to be continued to the second round, heheheh....

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