Rabu, 24 Agustus 2011

I Joined Food Photo Sharing!

Hurraaayyy I got a chance to join Food Photo Sharing with Jiewa-Inijie the Food Blogger, at Omnivoro Fusion Cafe. The event was held by Akademi Berbagi--it's a movement to share free education about various topic. Cool, isn't it? :D

"The event is not a workshop," Jiewa explained. "This is a mini sharing, where we could discuss things about food photograhy."

Awww i was sooo excited. I love capturing food wherever i eat. But my knowledge about camera-world was noooneeee. So, this event would help me much!

At first segment, Jiewa explained some tips to do food-photography, which is totally different to fashion-photo & scenery-photo. Then, Omnivoro cafe prepared some beautifuuulll food to us for practicing photography.
Up left: Having fun practicing photography skill | Up right: I lost focus -__-" | Bottom right: hehehe quite okay :D

Here's some Live tweet from my twitter account, about the "mini sharing". A little bit random, but i hope you can get the tips :D

 Tiananda Widyarini 

Lesson 1. Start with PASSION (in food & photography) |   *FoodPhotography

Lesson 2. Master YOUR TOOL. Kamera HP - Digicam - DSLR |   *FoodPhotography

Kamera handphone, meski kualitas jelek, tetap bisa dipakai untuk latihan komposisi |   *FoodPhotography

Cellphone tips: Gunakan mode Close-up jika ada |   *FoodPhotography

Pocket tips: Gunakan mode Macro |  *FoodPhotography

Pro Tips (DSLR): ISO as low as possible; Aperture f/2.8-f/5.6 Av Mode (+__+) |   *FoodPhotography

BIG DON'T in *FoodPhotography: Use DIRECT flash light |  

FIND YOUR STYLE at photography, either it is blurry at the background, or clear, and stick to it. Having your own style makes your photographs unique.

BIG THANKS to Omnivoro, I won a doorprize: Omnivoro member card! Worth Rp 75.000 + Voucher Rp 100.000
Yaaayyyy!!! :D
Alhamdulillaah, Great event!
fotoku gak penting banget :p

Senin, 22 Agustus 2011

White Ramadhan

Assalamu'alaikum :D
Hehehe, how come I haven't written anything about Ramadhan?
The biggest grateful for Allah SWT for the opportunity to exerperience the glorious Ramadhan month until day 22.
What's your experience during this Ramadhan? Mine was a little bit weird, different from my Ramadhan years before. From running at Centro contest, having fashionpreneur workshop at Rumah Dannis (me & 10 more people won a design contest, which prize was fashionpreneur workshop), and doing Hijabee's organizational things. I am so thankful :) Met new people, new friends, and new experiences. Alhamdulillaah.

BTW a blog post without pictures could be so boring. So, here's my outfit picture while attending Ngabuburit at mall with SBO TV (my face were caught on TV---while I was not listening at the tausiyah -__-" errrr...)
White top-Icon (from Centro's contest), palazzo: Up2Date, Shoes: UP
Lailatul Qadr?
Yesterday I attended ESQ's Islamic Study about "Catching Lailatul Qadr" by ustadz Agus Mustofa.
Nowadays, people are looking for the "signs" of lailatul qadr: night without the stars, a little bit hot, etc. And at that night they would pray a lot.
Actually, we don't need to guess which night is lailatul qadr.
Lailatul qadr, the night which is more valuable than 1000 months, comes when a Muslim do all the wajib in Ramadhan month (fasting, praying), and read Qur'an with intention to understand it (not just "kejar-kejaran khatam Qur'an). 
Simply, for a muslim who intended to increase his/her soul quality to the maximum potential of iman, especially when he do it at night (the time when our pray's signal sent to Allah SWT in the best vibe), lailatul qadr comes. It's because for a heart that has the same frequency as angel (in iman & taqwa), Allah will make it easier for hikmah to come.
So, lailatul qadr can happen to any of us, in any day of the last days of Ramadhan, and anywhere of the world.
Simply, maximize our iman's quality, and hope Allah give us hikmah to be a better person, and better life.

Wallohu 'alam.

CMIIW :) *shall it be any mistakes in written or understanding of the study*

Minggu, 14 Agustus 2011

Random Pict

Found this pict in my folder. Hehehe. Silly face.
Taupe dress: Vannara, Crochet outer: Vintage (my mom's outfit), Shawl: Kamiidea, Shoes: Marie claire.

Oooohhh I wanna travel around the world!!! Can't wait for next year! Already planning to go abroad, visiting an exotic country with my backpacker friends. Can't wait :)

Sabtu, 13 Agustus 2011

DIY Easy Clothing: Twisted Kimono Shrug

Another simple styling of shawl into a different level of clothing: shrug with kimono look-alike.
I used Delisha's patterned shawl and 3 (three) pins
1. Twist the center of shawl
2. Wear the shawl, with the twisted part below your chest
3. Pin the back of the shawl to your shirt (see a similar step here if it's not clear enough)
4. Pin the sides of the shawl to the sides of your shirt (to create sleeves)

(If you want it more secured, pin the twisted part, too)
 Yay or nay??

Kamis, 11 Agustus 2011

Centro Most Stylish Onliners Part#2 - End

Salaam, ladies :D Do you remember my last post about Centro Most Stylish Onliners?
Well, the second stage of the contest was held the next day, BUT the groups are separated to individuals. It means, no grouping anymore!!! AND my friends didn't have confidence to continue it!!!! AAAARRRGGHH I became the one and only girl who wears hijab that time! -__-"
The second stage's theme was "Nautical", and onliners should wear their outfit (no borrowing at Centro this time).
Wanna see what others wear? They're sooo stylish! And the most embarrassing moment was to walk on stage like a model, hahahahaha...
Where's my photo? Hehehee I don't have any proper pict of myself -___-"
From 45 contestants, only left 14 goes to the next round. We all get Rp 100.000 shopping voucher, alhamdulillah :D
And at the third stage, the theme was "Colorburst: Revlon". It means pinkish-orangey-purplish color.
AAAAANDDDD 10 contestants were chosen to go to the final round, getting Rp 1.000.000 shopping voucher!! I GOT IT!!! Alhamdulillaaaahhh :D (see my picture? I looked happy didn't I? :p)
source of pict: Nia Vaniari

Big Dilemma for The Final Round
The truth was, i got a dilemma to do the final round. The contest was held on Sunday noon, and I got a ticket to Denpasar at Sunday, early flight! (It's for working, not holiday, hehehe)

And the Rp 1 million shopping voucher was only valid for the shopping rally at final round!!!
Wawawawawaaaa... the work shall be done at Sunday night!

Then my decision was, rescheduling the ticket. Aaaaaa it was soooo hectic!!! Paying ticket rescheduling at Juanda in the morning, going to Galaxy Mall for the final at 11 a.m, and must be at the airport at 15.00 for flight at 15.55 p.m.

The final round itself was soooooo fun yet hectic & tiring.
Imagine this: Contestants were given Rp 1million voucher, and only 30 MINUTES to shop! Including fitting, paying at cashier (and you know the queue at weekend?), and styling ourselves wherever you find a place to change your clothes!!

Running here and there looking what shall i buy. What is good enough for the contest, and is good enough to be worn at my real life?? My choice: Pleated skirt (I've been wanting it since the few days before) & batwing top. And I must buy inner top because I didn't bring it from my house -__-" Lucky I found empty fitting room, so I could finish  styling on time :D 
And I still left some Rp 100.000 vouchers :) I'll give it to my mom.

Tadaaaaaa.... here is me & some other contestants, styling with Centro's items :D
source of pict: Centro fan page
Why I put my picture larger than the others???? Because this is MY BLOG wahahahahahhh :))

I left the contest earlier (there should be some little presentation about the outfit but I took permission) coz I must catch my plane! The best look were chosen for an additional Rp 1million, and I didn't join until the end. So bye bye additional 1 million, but still, alhamdulillah, thanks Centro for the great experience (and shopping vouchers i got ^^)

Do you like my look?? It's somehow looked like a gypsy :p The effort was less than 30 minutes, and my body was shaking greatly (panic panic panic!) :D and i was the only one wearing jilbab! (umm, well, not really, coz some boys wore turban :P)
Vote my picture here :D Thank youuuuuu
PS: to like the picture, firstly you must like the centro's page ^^
And you can see what others wear, too... Fun!

Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2011

Flyer Design: Cutey Elegant

Hehehehe actually I don't have a theme. It's not cutey elegant. It's just pouring what my mood was, while designing.
Good mood creates pretty good design :p Thanks to Adobe Photoshop.

Flyer design & fashion drawing (orange-girl) by me.
For Hijabee Surabaya.

Aaaahhh I think it's a nice event but I couldn't come! My family's gathering will be held at the same time. The closest bond wins the choice :)

Jumat, 05 Agustus 2011

Centro: A New Star Has Born

Lucky meee, being invited to the grand opening of the first Centro dept. store in Surabaya :D
Met some new onliners (well, I raaareeelyyy seen Surabaya's fashion blogger), and found out that one of them came from the same junior high school as me! Aha! I knewww i've seen her face :p
From left to right: Merry, me, Dista, Andri (same junior high!), and Kanya. I love Dista's vintage style heheheh.
There were also Surabaya's Cak & Ning (Mr & Miss Surabaya), Ferry Salim as the MC, Andre Aksana & the beautiful Olla Ramlan (wow she's much more prettier than whom I saw at TV!)

Then a fashion show was held, showing Centro's newest collections. Hehehe I'll only post the kaftan collections, as they are loose and flowy and long and hijab friendly ;D So colorful.
which one do you like the most? I saw some prettier kaftans at the show, but the picture was blurrrryyy -__-"

Then the guests were allowed to do "the first walk" to the new store! Yayyy!!
Ended the event with a big grin :D Received a goodie bag, contained an ethnic necklace! Thanks Centro!!
Whoaaa I became Surabaya's socialite! I'm readyyy to parrrteeehhhh all night loong... ehehhehh kidding, guys. I'm still an introverted silly shy humble and culun girl :D

PS: check out centro's website and find out some contests you could enter :D

Centro Most Stylish Onliners Part#1

The Most Fun & Hectic Hours at Centro
Let me tell you a short story :D There were a contest: Centro Most Stylish Onliners, held at Surabaya. At the first stage, contestants are grouped into 5 people. Luckyyyyy I've met Hijabee's girl! If not, i didn't know who should I ask to accompany me in a fashionista things like this :p Heheheh.
Theeeeennn the fun part was, these groups were given some minutes to borrow Centro's outfit! Only for the brand CEIL & KARLA. One of the group member should be a model while the rest get her styled. The brand itself has various outfits. Many stylish items like jumpsuits, cardigans, cape, etc. But whaaattt will a hijabi wear??

We got confused. We brought a few piece of scarf & shawl from home, try to mix and match them to what will our 'model' wear. Then we decided to dress her in colorful kaftan.

The hectic-ness continued. What hijab style to use?? The event organizer has told us to be quick, not enough time. Pin here and there. Used this and those shawl. Add a brooch. Add necklace. More pins. And the turban styling done!

Tadaaaaa.... here is sheeeee...
Lily the model, behind her sweet smile, she was hungry and her head was dizzy because of the heavy turban! Sorry girl :p But she's so beautiful riiightt???

Ouchhh others were sooo stylish in modern pick of outfits! And very cool styling, too... Here's a few of the contestants:

The judges then called the qualified contestants to go to the next round. WHY our group's number hadn't been called????? I was busy to comfort myself that it's okay to lose when finally our group number was called.
And the excitement hasn't over.
 Our group became the judges' most favorite styling that dayyy!! Yaaayyyyy alhamdulillaaaahhh!!! It must be bcoz we were different than others :D
See the winning pic here, from @centroholic twitter. I looked fat :p will not post it here!
"Kaftan for Lebaran", beautiful in turban styling, was one point I told the judges at the contest. Hihihi... Maybe it matched Lebaran moment? 
We got one package from PAC cosmetic. Thanks PAC!
Happyyyy :D thanks gals for accompanying me... And splitting the cosmetics to 5 of us was so heboh :p

One lesson learned:
"Wearing jilbab surely makes our choices of clothing less various. There's some rules of modesty. But don't worry, it will bring us LUCK!"

..to be continued to the second round, heheheh....