Sabtu, 23 Juli 2011

Yesterday's Dream

I was pretty shocked when I received an email from Ashfi. It's an invitation to the event of Ina's Scarf!!!! Oh my God!!! I was soooo excited! The mail was sent to many girls including Hijabi FashionWeek's participant (yeah, me was :D). Buuutttt, as the mail came at Wednesday, and the event is held on Friday, I wondered.... Could I come???
Ina's scarf is the new 'it' scarf from the designer Irna Mutiara (please google if you don't know her). I'm sure the event would be fun and thrilling and every nice thing I could see.

The problem is I live at Surabaya. The event is at Bandung T_____T
And after checking plane ticket's price (althought 50% of me knew, going there is such a stupid thing and wasting money, but I still keep my hope!), aaaaaaarrggghhhh.... One way ticket was about ONE MILLION RUPIAHS!!! It's not fair, compared to what I would get (10% discount, delicious food by chef, goodie bag, and the experience to meet designers and bloggers---ummm well, that would be a precious experience of course!)

So, bye bye chance :) I'm sure the event was greeeaaattttt!! Hopefully I'll get another (^^)v

---Dinner with Mom, the night i received the invitation---
Me: "Mom! I got an event invitation!! It's a designer's store opening!" (I'm not sure my Mom knew Irna Mutiara) "Many bloggers are invited! Event is in Bandung!"
Mom: (Without expression) "So, the invitation includes the plane ticket?"
Me: (Quiet)
My brother: (Laugh out loud)

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  1. samaaaa..akupun dppt invitationnya tp ga bs dateng :'(..pdhl bandung-jakarta deket. tp berhubung suami lg di luar kota sampe minggu,ga mungkin diizinin dtg ke bandung. hiks

  2. berarti undangannya ga tulus kalau ga ama tiket peseawat :p


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