Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Turquoise and Memories

Last Sunday I followed my mom visiting wedding at Graha ITS Surabaya. We're working to supervise the catering there. Well, going to wedding event but working at the same time, I wore my turquoise blazer. No time for mix & match so I grabbed any skirt I saw and any jilbab I have. Heyy luckily my Claro veil match the color! :D
Blazer: Sole mio, headdress + veil: Claro, dark brown shirt, skirt: 1st sewing task at Arva, flat shoes: Nevada.

Around 7.30 pm I felt bored and suddenly I had the idea of visiting my laboratory at the campus. No one can stop me. The road was dark, (hahaha only about 5 minutes walking from the event). I wished there were somebody at the laboratory (usually lab's assistant work at the lab until late at night).
Alhamdulillah my junior was at the lab with his friends :D
I played with computers there, looking at my friend's folders, found our old photos, and missing them sooooo much!

Then I went back to Graha. Heyyyyyyyy I met my juniors!!! They were my lab's assistant, eating the catering's food! Hmmmm that's why the lab was less crowded :p Cheese! :D
This picture was found in my friend's folder. We were KOI Laboratory's assistant! Miss u all brothers & sisters!!!

 I was soooo happy meeting pieces of my life back in campus ^^