Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Sketch: Combining Colors

Maybe you'll get bored because these days I will post some of my design tasks :p
*solution of my no-materials-for-blogging & no-time-for-blogging issue hehehe*

Color combination theory is choosing colors based on color-wheel.
This one is: analog colors. For more information about analog colors harmony, please kindly ask Mr. Google :D i found some info here.
*I kinda think the skirt makes her look like Mars creature--like an octopus! :))
Heyy lately hoodie outfit was booming. Please note that I drew this picture around Feb 2011 before the trend :p

And this one: complementary colors. 
*the bow applique was inspired by Tsumori Chisato's design

Thanks for reading! Critics & comments are welcomed :D

8 komentar:

  1. kombinasi warnanya bagus banget.. manisss :)

  2. Subhanallah you're so talented & creative ! :D ohh, I'll never get bored seeing your designs, keep `em coming! LOL :P

  3. kereeenn!! belajar bikin desain dimana si kak? >.<

  4. kereeen bgt Tia! ini kamu sketching n coloringnya pake apaa? mauu tauuu... :D trus manual or digital? issssh rapinyaaa.. aku male bgt bikin sketch rapi2 bgini.. :D

  5. aaaa...tiaa emang slalu jago bikin sketch deeehh..pengen bisa jugaa..cakeeppp ti designnya :D


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