Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

My Random Thinking

... I thought I was on my way pursuing my dream. Working at my family's company (to supply monthly-money-needs) and studying sewing at the same time.
But I'm now questioning.
I should have started everything if I am serious to have my own business. I should have done doing material research, looking for garment company, making my own label, having a business-partner, thinking of marketing strategy, but the truth, I haven't done all of that!!
I could have an excuse, "I am still studying sewing now..."
But that's just an excuse. If I'm willing, I could just hire a pattern maker.
I need some strength & some time to do it all (since I haven't got a partner by my side).
I am still afraid to fail, afraid to hurt myself.
Well yeah, I've read some motivation books, I've tried to be positive. I know that the best business idea is a business you start immediately!
Why I haven't started anything?

Actually it hurts me in a sweet way to see some of my blogger friends have already fly higher making their dreams come true. Surely I am happy, inspired, but jealous too! Heheheh.

Now I'm thinking to have a 1 month vacation. No working. Just thinking, and preparing my life. Can I???

5 komentar:

  1. Dear tia, this is me, the brave side of yours :)
    just do it.
    I missed the part of doing DIY-projects, painting, and enjoying life ;)

  2. i'm thinking to take a long vacation as well :D

  3. Tia, aku yakin kamu bs mewujudkan impian kamu itu kok, asal kamu mau FOKUS. Aku dulu pgn ngerjain semua yg aku pengeni sampe akhrnya semuanya tidak maksimal hasilnya, ternyata ada sesuatu yang aku lupakan juga, yaitu FOKUS terhadap apa yg sgt ingin km lakukan :)


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