Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

My Random Thinking

... I thought I was on my way pursuing my dream. Working at my family's company (to supply monthly-money-needs) and studying sewing at the same time.
But I'm now questioning.
I should have started everything if I am serious to have my own business. I should have done doing material research, looking for garment company, making my own label, having a business-partner, thinking of marketing strategy, but the truth, I haven't done all of that!!
I could have an excuse, "I am still studying sewing now..."
But that's just an excuse. If I'm willing, I could just hire a pattern maker.
I need some strength & some time to do it all (since I haven't got a partner by my side).
I am still afraid to fail, afraid to hurt myself.
Well yeah, I've read some motivation books, I've tried to be positive. I know that the best business idea is a business you start immediately!
Why I haven't started anything?

Actually it hurts me in a sweet way to see some of my blogger friends have already fly higher making their dreams come true. Surely I am happy, inspired, but jealous too! Heheheh.

Now I'm thinking to have a 1 month vacation. No working. Just thinking, and preparing my life. Can I???