Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

The Little Girl Chose To Wear Hijab

Found the story via Fashioning Faith's blog.

A good point of view when choosing to wear hijab.
This little girl was still 9 years old when she asked her mother to buy her veil.
Not because of fashion, nor because others told her so. It's just the little girl understand her identity as a Muslim without thinking what others may think about her.

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  1. it is so inspiring. I read the whole story in Oprah, and it must be really difficult to her mom, but glad that she could understand it. Anyway, we should be grateful, living in country like Indonesia, majority in Muslim (although nowadays, somehow we forget about how to respect diversity, and some people are trying to mock minorities, and say that their religion is the best way, and it ends up hurting each other), that we are given easiness to wear hijab.


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