Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Introducing a Group Event

It all started with a group of muslimahs in Surabaya who were inspired by HijabersComm (HC). HC could successfully gather many muslimahs and held some good events like Islamic study, bazaar & hijab class.
They were a bit disappointed when HC closed the branch-development, coz they were preparing to join the part.
As many muslimahs support that "in Surabaya, there should be a community that can be as useful as HC, inspiring muslimahs to wear hijab & do good deeds", the group will keep doing the faith. It's good if in the end they become one organisation inside HC, if not, it's still okay.

Lately I (happily) joined :D
*** there were a bit of worry inside myself to join such community. Since usually the members look fashionable & beautiful all-the-time, I was afraid I'll push myself to be more fashionable too. Now I know such kind of worry is not important at all and it was just my negative thinking of something I haven't try.
The important thing is I could give my opinion, my energy & my ability to do good deeds such as charity, study,etc. Maybe I found some kind of enjoyment like what I feel when I was still a busy-student-committee at campus not-so-long-years-ago :D hehehehh

Join the event, anyone? It's Hijabee's 1st Islamic Study :)
UPDATE: Registration closed -- Full! ^^
more Info: Here

Flyer design by me :p
If anyone (hijabi) who lives in Surabaya is expert in design, please helppp meeee,,, >__< 
*I think my designs were not pretty cool* *coz basically I don't learn how to design in a formal way*

"Hijabee" logo by me too

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  1. Kak, di Banjarmasin ada nggak? kalo saya ikutan dari Banjar sini bisa nggak? daftar aja gitu kak, kejauhan kalo ke Surabaya :(

  2. @ Ajeng: waaaa jauhnyaaa di banjarmasin :( sayang banget ya... ini benernya komunitas baru. Ajeng bikin aja komunitas di banjar ^^
    @ Meutia: awww too bad we couldn't meet... Sby-jkt jauh yaa :D
    BTW di Jkt kan sudah terakomodasi hijaberscomm ^^


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