Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Green Day Yayy!!

Attended Islamic Study held by Hijabee Surabaya (oh yeah it's a hijab community, finally in Surabaya!! Hahaha). Alhamdulillah I contributed as the logo & banner's designer.
The dresscode was green. And the event was fun :D Read the story at Hijabee's blog!
Pict by Adilah Novarani. We supposed to clean up the mess after the event. Balloon was the decoration hahahaha

What I wore:
Stripey shirt & green skirt (made by me!! My 2nd sewing task heheheheh).
Left pict by Dwita, right pic (crazy pose -__-") by Adilah

And here are a few of effortlessly stylish girl attended the event :D

Ikka, high school student & singer (she joined Opick's concert). Noni, makeup artist.

Levi, college student, my junior! hehehe. Lily, model. Look at Lily's ring-bangles!

BTW if you noticed, my pict is shorter than the X-Banner. But others are taller! So, yeah now you know I'm that short :D hehehehe

3 komentar:

  1. cantik cantik cantik... >.< subhanallah wanita memang selalu cantik ya..

  2. imut bin lucu ya :D
    wah, baru tau saya ada acara begituan :D

  3. suka banget sama gayanya kak tia :)

    cantik, stylish, but syari


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