Senin, 25 Juli 2011

DIY Easy Clothing: Shawl-Hoodie Vest

Yihaaaaa :D Finally I'm back with DIY Tutorials.. don't you miss it? wehehehehe (No, Tia, we don't miss it)
Soooo, you girls probably have some shawls at your wardrobe. Here's a few steps to turn your cotton shawl into hoodie vest. Well, 'hoodie' things is so in trend right now, eh?
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To make hoodie vest, you need: 
Cotton shawl (mine is from Kamiidea 200 x 60 cm)
1 pin
1 brooch (if needed)

1. Wear the shawl over your head. This is to create 'hoodie' effect.
2. Take the outer side of your shawl to the back of your body. Make sure the shawl is at the same length.
3. Pin the shawl at the back of your blouse. Yes, your blouse. This way, your "vest" is more secured.

VOILA! As simple as that :D yayyy!!
Now you could create some improvisation. 
1. The back view of finished hoodie vest
2. Hoodie vest worn as it is.
3. The shawl at the shoulder is folded to the neck (so the "sleeve" is gone). The "hoodie" is not being worn.
4. Hoodie vest worn with jacket. The vest itself is buttoned by a brooch.

Is that all, Tea?
Well, you could create another style.
1. Grab some fabric from the center of your chest (from left & right shawl, probably 7 cm).
2. Pull up a little bit.
3. Pin at the center.

Voila! It has more drapery ;D

Do you have more ideas? Or do you feel like wanna try? Please share with me yaaaa ^^
Thanks for reading *smooch*