Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Cocomomo and Me :D

Alhamdulillaaah!! Yeaayyyy i won the Cocomomo giveawayyy *dancing*
I've been eyeing on their product since about one year ago. I'm curious to have one, to touch the feel of the product, but it's quite pricey for me (well, Cocomomo used real leather so the price is actually worth the quality). Finally the time has come!!! I'm having one Cocomomo's product!! \(^o^)/
Excuse my sleepy face. Actually i feel happy! Heheheh.

I've been inspired by the owner, mbak Ayang, since i first read her blog (when i fall in love to a blog, I'd read the story from the beginning hehehe). It's about when she become unemployed, feeling afraid of what will come next, having no money, and then started to find out her passion. She loves to create. And as she poured her heart into her creations, her brand got bigger & got lots of love. Now you can find the products at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Verryyy neat sewing
Good packaging (makes you happy since the first you received the package, open it, and see what's inside)
Good material

Me likey! :D Thanks mba Ayang!!!

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  1. wow.. sudah pengumuman ternyata! Selamat ya kak tia!! :D
    cocomomo emang keren2 produknya..

  2. Salam, sister! Your blog is very beautiful, Mash´Allah!

    It is like a magazine, I enjoyed reading it.
    Continue the wonderful work.
    Greetings from South America,


    Visit me, too.

  3. produknya emang lucu-lucu yah.. selamaat udah menang COCOMOMO giveaway.. unik pouchnya, siip bangeet.

  4. Ya Alloooooh


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