Senin, 25 Juli 2011

DIY Easy Clothing: Shawl-Hoodie Vest

Yihaaaaa :D Finally I'm back with DIY Tutorials.. don't you miss it? wehehehehe (No, Tia, we don't miss it)
Soooo, you girls probably have some shawls at your wardrobe. Here's a few steps to turn your cotton shawl into hoodie vest. Well, 'hoodie' things is so in trend right now, eh?
Hana Tajima | Hana Tajima's Maysaa | Ria Miranda's Hoodie | Siti Juwariyah (wearing Jenahara) | Puput Utami | Nur Zahra Indonesia

To make hoodie vest, you need: 
Cotton shawl (mine is from Kamiidea 200 x 60 cm)
1 pin
1 brooch (if needed)

1. Wear the shawl over your head. This is to create 'hoodie' effect.
2. Take the outer side of your shawl to the back of your body. Make sure the shawl is at the same length.
3. Pin the shawl at the back of your blouse. Yes, your blouse. This way, your "vest" is more secured.

VOILA! As simple as that :D yayyy!!
Now you could create some improvisation. 
1. The back view of finished hoodie vest
2. Hoodie vest worn as it is.
3. The shawl at the shoulder is folded to the neck (so the "sleeve" is gone). The "hoodie" is not being worn.
4. Hoodie vest worn with jacket. The vest itself is buttoned by a brooch.

Is that all, Tea?
Well, you could create another style.
1. Grab some fabric from the center of your chest (from left & right shawl, probably 7 cm).
2. Pull up a little bit.
3. Pin at the center.

Voila! It has more drapery ;D

Do you have more ideas? Or do you feel like wanna try? Please share with me yaaaa ^^
Thanks for reading *smooch*

Minggu, 24 Juli 2011

Cocomomo and Me :D

Alhamdulillaaah!! Yeaayyyy i won the Cocomomo giveawayyy *dancing*
I've been eyeing on their product since about one year ago. I'm curious to have one, to touch the feel of the product, but it's quite pricey for me (well, Cocomomo used real leather so the price is actually worth the quality). Finally the time has come!!! I'm having one Cocomomo's product!! \(^o^)/
Excuse my sleepy face. Actually i feel happy! Heheheh.

I've been inspired by the owner, mbak Ayang, since i first read her blog (when i fall in love to a blog, I'd read the story from the beginning hehehe). It's about when she become unemployed, feeling afraid of what will come next, having no money, and then started to find out her passion. She loves to create. And as she poured her heart into her creations, her brand got bigger & got lots of love. Now you can find the products at Grand Indonesia, Jakarta.

Verryyy neat sewing
Good packaging (makes you happy since the first you received the package, open it, and see what's inside)
Good material

Me likey! :D Thanks mba Ayang!!!

Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

The Little Girl Chose To Wear Hijab

Found the story via Fashioning Faith's blog.

A good point of view when choosing to wear hijab.
This little girl was still 9 years old when she asked her mother to buy her veil.
Not because of fashion, nor because others told her so. It's just the little girl understand her identity as a Muslim without thinking what others may think about her.

Rabu, 20 Juli 2011

Quoted Today

...from my twitter.

"Sometimes I think I am a girl with tons of creative ideas. What I'm afraid of, is to be a girl with ZERO action to make them real."

"Dear God, thank You for always giving me such inspirations :) Alhamdulillaah. Next action: Laa haulaa wa laa quwwata illaa billah.." 

~Tiananda Widyarini

Selasa, 19 Juli 2011

Kamis, 14 Juli 2011

Sketch: Combining Colors

Maybe you'll get bored because these days I will post some of my design tasks :p
*solution of my no-materials-for-blogging & no-time-for-blogging issue hehehe*

Color combination theory is choosing colors based on color-wheel.
This one is: analog colors. For more information about analog colors harmony, please kindly ask Mr. Google :D i found some info here.
*I kinda think the skirt makes her look like Mars creature--like an octopus! :))
Heyy lately hoodie outfit was booming. Please note that I drew this picture around Feb 2011 before the trend :p

And this one: complementary colors. 
*the bow applique was inspired by Tsumori Chisato's design

Thanks for reading! Critics & comments are welcomed :D

Rabu, 13 Juli 2011

Sketch: Denim and Ribbon

My illustration task a few months ago. Designing denim :)

Me likey the left picture, heheheh. The right was too sexy -__-"

Actuallyyyyyyy I haven't done my evening lesson at Arva, but I've been absent for more than 2 months. Evening lesson was tiring you know, going after work, and arriving home at night.
Hiyaaaaa, I know I know, I shouldn't quit before I finished all my tasks.
InshaAllah I'll finish it aaaalllll! Aamiin.

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

My Random Thinking

... I thought I was on my way pursuing my dream. Working at my family's company (to supply monthly-money-needs) and studying sewing at the same time.
But I'm now questioning.
I should have started everything if I am serious to have my own business. I should have done doing material research, looking for garment company, making my own label, having a business-partner, thinking of marketing strategy, but the truth, I haven't done all of that!!
I could have an excuse, "I am still studying sewing now..."
But that's just an excuse. If I'm willing, I could just hire a pattern maker.
I need some strength & some time to do it all (since I haven't got a partner by my side).
I am still afraid to fail, afraid to hurt myself.
Well yeah, I've read some motivation books, I've tried to be positive. I know that the best business idea is a business you start immediately!
Why I haven't started anything?

Actually it hurts me in a sweet way to see some of my blogger friends have already fly higher making their dreams come true. Surely I am happy, inspired, but jealous too! Heheheh.

Now I'm thinking to have a 1 month vacation. No working. Just thinking, and preparing my life. Can I???

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Introducing a Group Event

It all started with a group of muslimahs in Surabaya who were inspired by HijabersComm (HC). HC could successfully gather many muslimahs and held some good events like Islamic study, bazaar & hijab class.
They were a bit disappointed when HC closed the branch-development, coz they were preparing to join the part.
As many muslimahs support that "in Surabaya, there should be a community that can be as useful as HC, inspiring muslimahs to wear hijab & do good deeds", the group will keep doing the faith. It's good if in the end they become one organisation inside HC, if not, it's still okay.

Lately I (happily) joined :D
*** there were a bit of worry inside myself to join such community. Since usually the members look fashionable & beautiful all-the-time, I was afraid I'll push myself to be more fashionable too. Now I know such kind of worry is not important at all and it was just my negative thinking of something I haven't try.
The important thing is I could give my opinion, my energy & my ability to do good deeds such as charity, study,etc. Maybe I found some kind of enjoyment like what I feel when I was still a busy-student-committee at campus not-so-long-years-ago :D hehehehh

Join the event, anyone? It's Hijabee's 1st Islamic Study :)
UPDATE: Registration closed -- Full! ^^
more Info: Here

Flyer design by me :p
If anyone (hijabi) who lives in Surabaya is expert in design, please helppp meeee,,, >__< 
*I think my designs were not pretty cool* *coz basically I don't learn how to design in a formal way*

"Hijabee" logo by me too