Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Fashion Design - PKBL BUMN Expo 2011

On Friday, June 10, 2011, a muslim fashion design competition was held at Gramedia Expo, Surabaya. Actually, the competition itself began from a month before that. Participants were given traditional fabric randomly, and they must design + create muslim clothing for party. Here are some designs of participants..
 The second outfit from the left, became the judges most favorite that day. In my opinion, my favorite was the right (fourth).
 After the outfits worn at runway by models, they were being displayed for "sewing technique judgement". I really appreciate the first winner. Verrryyyy neat creation, and the cheap batik looks elegant too.

Hehehe here's mine.  

To minimize the cost, I sew my design by myself. Mistakes I've done: I couldn't sew chiffon material, so the bottom side left unfinished. Of course the judges noticed it and told me it should have been sewn >_< Even my model friend told me, "Heyy how could this clothes is unfinished? If you join a fashion competition it should've been fitted to the model few days before the event..." And my sewing wasn't neat at all.. :p ahhh such an experience!
Three pieces of clothing: Inner gold sateen abaya + chiffon maxi outer + batik bolero

Just an opinion about the competition....
****you could stop reading at this point, unless you wanna get bored****
I guess the event organizer didn't do their best they could. So many information were missed, like: 
Participants should bring their own mannequin -- many, including me, didn't bring it (luckily my chauffeur could went back home & brought me)
The mannequin & clothes should be left at the Expo until the next day -- after the event many participants went home brought their stuffs, then suddenly the committee told us to leave our mannequins there. 
Chairs surrounding the runway hadn't filled by "true watchers". Chairs were used to keep bags of the participants. If it's good organized, front rows should be filled with real people, shouldn't it?
Gladi Bersih/ Rehearsal was done at 12 PM --> it's Jum'ah praying time! How come "Muslim" design competition be held like that?
The MC didn't wear hijab and legs were shown (I mean, she could be more modest for this event, rite?)
Very small changing room, and easy access makes a boy could get in (although he's still maybe 7yr old, but he saw models changing clothes >_<)
The competition itself didn't give time for models to do pray.

Hmmmm does every fashion event has circumstances like that?
*I'm a newbie speaking here*

BTW have you noticed that Surabaya's fashion sense is very different from Jakarta/Bandung? Yeah, here people like the more "heboh" or bling bling designs...