Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

Desk Clutters

Salaam, readers (I wonder do I still have readers after the long hiatus? heheheh)

In case someone wondering where did I go the last few weeks, here are the answers:
1. Busy working
2. Joined fashion design competition and decided to sew by myself (to minimize budget)
3. Been busy sewing for the competition
4. Fell sick because I got really tired

During the "sickness" I stayed at home, bed rest >_<

Health is the greatest gift from God. We shall feel blessed of our health, and we need to measure our capability. Never push your body over the limit! Being sick was not good at all. My body heat turned to 40 degrees and headache was the most terrible I ever had. Gone to doctor twice, and spent some money for medicine.

If I was healthy, of course the money could be used for a better cause, for example, enjoying meal at a good restaurant hehehe.

Well, the photo above was taken when I was at home. Clutters in my study desk (btw I'm not using it for studying, so can i still call it study-desk? hahah).
Photo frame-gift; Glass decoration-gift; Small board-Daiso; Decorative candle-AJBS; Antique paper box-Gramedia.
I put the pictures of my dream on the board :D

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