Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Short Trip To Singapore Day #2 Part 2

 So here we were! After we had lunch at Vivo City, we went to the famous Sentosa Island!! Straight to the Merlion, finally we could see it! (the last day we didn't see Merlion in Marina Bay)
 Then we went to Imbiah Lookout, and took a few pictures :) (remember, we were saving our money soo badly so we didn't take any ride / attraction). Look at the view! I thought I was in Gotham city or somewhere, hehehehe....

Sentosa Island was sooo beautiful, I heart it :) Maybe if we wanna have a total experience, enjoying all attractions, we should have a full day (or maybe 2 days) tour there.
 Then we went to Resort World Sentosa, where they have Universal Studio. Poor us, we intended to take a picture at the famous Universal Globe, but it was under construction! So we took a picture at giant banner surrounding the renovation. Pretty look alike the real globe, huh? :p 

 Well, we didn't go to the studio. A mistake we did at Sentosa was not to do shalat at the ___ bus station (forgot the name of place). It was THE ONLY place having pray room. You know, pray room at Singapore is not mushala. It was universal pray room for all religion. We were already at Vivo City again when we realized, even the mall didn't have pray room. So we did shalat dhuhur & ashar (jamak takhir) at emergency stairs!!! We saw a few cardboard at emergency stair, and we assumed, maybe other muslims also use the place!

Theeeeen, we went to Mustafa Center to buy some souvenirs. Ahh, I regret i didn't buy chocolate! Just skip the shopping part, hehehe... It's my privacy :P

It was already 10 PM when we finished shopping, and we planned to leave Singapore, heading to Malaysia. The plan was: return the Tourist Pass card and get SGD 10 back.
Buuuuttt,,, the locket has already closed at 9 PM!! So we couldn't get our money back, except if we came back at 10 am the next morning! (Secretly we all felt lucky, coz however we love the card and wanna keep it as our memorable item :)

We bought dinner at KFC (takeaway) in Bugis street, took our backpacks at hostel, and went to bus station--that would take us to Malaysia... bye bye Singapore, really want to see you again :)

Day 2
Entrance to Sentosa SGD 3 ~ Rp 21.000
Lunch at Vivo City Mall SGD 7 ~ Rp 49.000
Dinner at KFC SGD 3.5 ~ Rp 24.500
Bus to Johor Bahru SGD 4 ~ Rp 28.000

ehh actually I forgot the exact bus price, maybe cheaper..

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  1. nggak masuk universal studios ya tia?

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun!

    xx Kartika

  3. g mampir rumahku huhuhuhu ;)
    naksir harem pantsnya bahan kaus yah? mauuuu hihihi bli dimana?

  4. tia..Seru y liburannya :D Oia aku udah buka lg blogny tp sederhana bgt k :) yg dijual jg sm sederhanany..soalnya pusing ms ngurus baby dan seputar rmh tangga lainnya hehe aku mah g sejago ibu" muda lainnya..smg g kecewa ;)

  5. kapan kesana lagi?
    ikut doooooong


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