Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Short Trip To Singapore Day #2 Part 1

Day 2 in Singapore :) Had breakfast at the hostel (cornflakes + milk + fruits + a cup of hot tea), and checked out immediately. But we still put our bags there, so we could take a tour lightly. Outside our hostel is the famous Sultan Mosque, biggest mosque in Singapore.

 Then we took a bus to the National Museum. Ahhh the building was so classically niceee...

Here, the view inside the museum. We were just seeing around, and we didn't pay for the entrance. Too bad, because lately I heard the museum had many cool things inside, from culture to fashion. Hihihi. We were thinking to save money & time, so after we saw the museum, "Ah, so this is the museum.." then we went to another place. Poor Wirawan, he really wanted to go inside!

Then we took a walk to a MRT station that would lead us to VIVO City. We'd go to Sentosa Island!!! While we walked to nearest MRT station, we saw Singapore Management University. Cool!
And look at the road! Cars were only a few, and every cars let pedestrians walk first. Very gooood manner! I hope Indonesia could be as well-ordered as Singapore :) aamiin!

~To be continued~

Money spend at day 2 until this point: ZERO
(we've had our free pass for bus & MRT :D)
Um, I lied. I bought drink for SGD 1, so, I only spent Rp 7000 hihihi

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