Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Short Trip To Singapore Day #1

Just want to share a few photos and stories from my first trip abroad with friends :)
We arrived at Changi International Airport, and feel soooo amazed by the airport! Looks like a very exquisite big mall! And maps are everywhere, tourists can easily pick them for any informations about Singapore. I could just spend my day there but we didn't have much time. So many places we want to visit!
First trip was to go to hostel we already booked before. We booked Green Kiwi Backpacker Hostel at Lavender street, they offered pretty cheap price. Buuuuttt unfortunately,  they had a system error and our booking didn't exist! Luckily the staffs helped us to find another available hostel (it was a long weekend, many hostels were already full).

The photos below were our journey to Sleepy Sam's hostel (recommended by Green Kiwi). And we felt like "Wowww!! God has written this scenario for us!!" Because the Sleepy Sam's located VERY NEAR to Sultan Mosque. With the good location, the price should be expensive, but we were asked to pay at the same  price with Green kiwi ^o^ Good saving. Basically, it is in Kampong Glam / Kampong Arab, and I looveee looveee loooveee the atmosphere. Beautiful bright colors of buildings, and so many halal restaurants!

Available room was only dorm room. Do you know dorm room? I have never imagined i would spend a night in a room, with another backpacker from all around the world. Buut, it was not bad at all!! It was a big room filled with probably 20 beds, and luckily each bed had curtains for privacy. We would be outside all day long and only sleep at night, so it was okay :D
Leaving our backpack at hostel, it's time to have lunch!! Yeayy!! Kampong Glam offered halal foods! We picked "Kampong Glam Cafe" for our hungry stomaches destination :p The cheapest food was about S$ 3.5 (+- Rp 25.000) I ordered Nasi Goreng Pattaya Seafood for S$ 4.5 (second picture below). Yum yum!!
Neeext, we take MRT & bus to visit the city. We wanted to go to marina bay and see the famous Merlion Statue, but we had walked to wrong terminal a few times, hehehe. By the time we arrived at Marina bay, already daaark....
Take a walk again, and found out that the big Merlion was under construction. They built a hotel covering Merlion, so only hotel visitor could see it >.<
Then we took picture at the Merlion miniature :p
We continued our way to visit the famous Orchard Road, and saw big shopping malls. But we didn't go inside. We were backpacking, yeah, so we wouldn't want to shop the pricey things. Hehehhee... So we went to Lucky Plaza, then gone to Bugis street and had dinner there.

First Day's spendings:
Ticket +- Rp 400.000
Airport Tax Rp 150.000
2 Days Tourist Pass (to access all bus & MRT) Sgd 26 
(including Sgd 10 deposit, will be returned when we leave Singapore) ~ +- Rp 180.000
Hostel Sgd 21.5 ~ Rp 150.000
Lunch +- Sgd 5 ~ Rp 35.000
Dinner +- Sgd 5 ~ Rp 35.000

Total Day 1 = Rp 950.000 --> actually cheaper than this! 
Depends on currency :D
Pictures from my camera, Mirsa & Adhit. Thanks ;)

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  1. jadi kangen ke singapore lagi. hahaha.. kemarin dulu pas kesana marina bay sandsnya belom jadi, dan belom dibuka

  2. tpi oleh2 souvenir yg di kampung arab harganya lebih mahal ya....

  3. aku suka deh, maen ke sini dan melihat wajah-wajah yang kukenal :DD


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