Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Short Trip To Kuala Lumpur

So, after spending 2 days in Singapore, finally we arrived at Johor Bahru at about 00.00 am. It's midnight. Spend some minutes at immigration (one of us had trouble by losing a letter of arrival, but thanks God he found it), and continued our way from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur by bus.
At morning we arrived at a biiig, clean and new bus station (I forgot the name!). We cleaned ourselves (big thanks to wet tissues! hahahaha), changed clothes, and had breakfast.
Wowww, after being at Singapore, eating in KL seemed to be veryyy cheeaaap (you know, things were so expensive in Singapore). I bought Roti Canai + Tarik Tea for RM 2.7 (less than Rp 9.000). Yippieeee...
Then we took Rapid KL to KL Center. We put our bag in locker room and we were ready to go to Genting Highland! Poor us, we missed the bus to go to Genting, and the next bus was late at noon--we won't be able to catch our flight in the afternoon. Soooo we decided to do city tour. Petronas Twin Tower!!!

Here was the view outside Suria KLCC mall. Prettyyy :)
Well, actually, in Malaysia I felt sad. I was so sad because I knew our time was sooo limited to enjoy the country, the holiday, and especially, the togetherness. Three days with my college friends, I felt we were more like family. 
After we had lunch at Suria KLCC (inside Petronas building), we spend an hour at Pasar Seni. Then, we went back to KL Center, took our bag, and the next destination was....

Bye byeeeeee......
Ahhh I miss you guys :') I'm looking forward to our next destinations! Let's go see the world!!

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  1. wuuuaaah sempat ke KL pula?
    aku belom pernah kesana tuh

  2. owh Tia u came to KL? hope you had fun here :)

  3. walaa mampir ke KL juga toh..
    trs2 oleh2 nya mana? :p

  4. kalau sudi datang KL lagi.

    from Malaysian with love


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