Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Land Coffee

..a.k.a Kopi Darat a.k.a Meet Up with some bloggers at Royal Plaza Surabaya, May 15 2011.

Met the creative Amelia Saga, accompanied by her sister. They came from Tulungagung for this meet up! Waooowwww... Thanks for coming! :D BTW Amel wore a cute DIY owl brooch.
Mbak Yuni and Aishi Lely, they were junior high school friends. Mbak Yuni came from Sidoarjo, and Aishi lely from Tanjung Pinang!!!
And there were mbak Elsa (from Jombang) accompanied by her sister, Nona. Ooops sorry Nona i only had this picture when you're not in a good pose >.<
Had a fun and noisy chit chat for about 3 hours at "good friends great pizza". Nona had a hidden plan. She made us fill her questionnaire task!! Hahahaha...
It's so great to meet the 'real person' of bloggers we'd only known online :)
By the end of our meet up, Amel gave us brooches she made herself :) Thank youuuuuu... And thank you mbak Elsa for the food! Read the full article on mb.Elsa's blog (btw the 1st and last picture above are hers) ^^

What I wore:
I wore my new purple hijab, sent by Bunda Key from Rumah Jilbab.
It has 3 layered colors from chiffon (I don't know the real material name), and surprisingly the hijab is easy to wear & not see-through. Thank you Bunda Key!
Purple brooch from Luchie.