Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

Land Coffee

..a.k.a Kopi Darat a.k.a Meet Up with some bloggers at Royal Plaza Surabaya, May 15 2011.

Met the creative Amelia Saga, accompanied by her sister. They came from Tulungagung for this meet up! Waooowwww... Thanks for coming! :D BTW Amel wore a cute DIY owl brooch.
Mbak Yuni and Aishi Lely, they were junior high school friends. Mbak Yuni came from Sidoarjo, and Aishi lely from Tanjung Pinang!!!
And there were mbak Elsa (from Jombang) accompanied by her sister, Nona. Ooops sorry Nona i only had this picture when you're not in a good pose >.<
Had a fun and noisy chit chat for about 3 hours at "good friends great pizza". Nona had a hidden plan. She made us fill her questionnaire task!! Hahahaha...
It's so great to meet the 'real person' of bloggers we'd only known online :)
By the end of our meet up, Amel gave us brooches she made herself :) Thank youuuuuu... And thank you mbak Elsa for the food! Read the full article on mb.Elsa's blog (btw the 1st and last picture above are hers) ^^

What I wore:
I wore my new purple hijab, sent by Bunda Key from Rumah Jilbab.
It has 3 layered colors from chiffon (I don't know the real material name), and surprisingly the hijab is easy to wear & not see-through. Thank you Bunda Key!
Purple brooch from Luchie.

Jumat, 20 Mei 2011

Sketch for Cita Cinta Magazine

My friend Irna told me, my sketch was published at Cita Cinta magazine (CC10/XII edition)! ^^ Yayyy!!!

Heheheh a long time ago, at Junior High School, my sketch was featured at Kawanku Magazine. Now I'm feeling the same excitement :P
Thanks Cita Cinta!

Short Trip To Kuala Lumpur

So, after spending 2 days in Singapore, finally we arrived at Johor Bahru at about 00.00 am. It's midnight. Spend some minutes at immigration (one of us had trouble by losing a letter of arrival, but thanks God he found it), and continued our way from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur by bus.
At morning we arrived at a biiig, clean and new bus station (I forgot the name!). We cleaned ourselves (big thanks to wet tissues! hahahaha), changed clothes, and had breakfast.
Wowww, after being at Singapore, eating in KL seemed to be veryyy cheeaaap (you know, things were so expensive in Singapore). I bought Roti Canai + Tarik Tea for RM 2.7 (less than Rp 9.000). Yippieeee...
Then we took Rapid KL to KL Center. We put our bag in locker room and we were ready to go to Genting Highland! Poor us, we missed the bus to go to Genting, and the next bus was late at noon--we won't be able to catch our flight in the afternoon. Soooo we decided to do city tour. Petronas Twin Tower!!!

Here was the view outside Suria KLCC mall. Prettyyy :)
Well, actually, in Malaysia I felt sad. I was so sad because I knew our time was sooo limited to enjoy the country, the holiday, and especially, the togetherness. Three days with my college friends, I felt we were more like family. 
After we had lunch at Suria KLCC (inside Petronas building), we spend an hour at Pasar Seni. Then, we went back to KL Center, took our bag, and the next destination was....

Bye byeeeeee......
Ahhh I miss you guys :') I'm looking forward to our next destinations! Let's go see the world!!

Selasa, 17 Mei 2011

Short Trip To Singapore Day #2 Part 2

 So here we were! After we had lunch at Vivo City, we went to the famous Sentosa Island!! Straight to the Merlion, finally we could see it! (the last day we didn't see Merlion in Marina Bay)
 Then we went to Imbiah Lookout, and took a few pictures :) (remember, we were saving our money soo badly so we didn't take any ride / attraction). Look at the view! I thought I was in Gotham city or somewhere, hehehehe....

Sentosa Island was sooo beautiful, I heart it :) Maybe if we wanna have a total experience, enjoying all attractions, we should have a full day (or maybe 2 days) tour there.
 Then we went to Resort World Sentosa, where they have Universal Studio. Poor us, we intended to take a picture at the famous Universal Globe, but it was under construction! So we took a picture at giant banner surrounding the renovation. Pretty look alike the real globe, huh? :p 

 Well, we didn't go to the studio. A mistake we did at Sentosa was not to do shalat at the ___ bus station (forgot the name of place). It was THE ONLY place having pray room. You know, pray room at Singapore is not mushala. It was universal pray room for all religion. We were already at Vivo City again when we realized, even the mall didn't have pray room. So we did shalat dhuhur & ashar (jamak takhir) at emergency stairs!!! We saw a few cardboard at emergency stair, and we assumed, maybe other muslims also use the place!

Theeeeen, we went to Mustafa Center to buy some souvenirs. Ahh, I regret i didn't buy chocolate! Just skip the shopping part, hehehe... It's my privacy :P

It was already 10 PM when we finished shopping, and we planned to leave Singapore, heading to Malaysia. The plan was: return the Tourist Pass card and get SGD 10 back.
Buuuuttt,,, the locket has already closed at 9 PM!! So we couldn't get our money back, except if we came back at 10 am the next morning! (Secretly we all felt lucky, coz however we love the card and wanna keep it as our memorable item :)

We bought dinner at KFC (takeaway) in Bugis street, took our backpacks at hostel, and went to bus station--that would take us to Malaysia... bye bye Singapore, really want to see you again :)

Day 2
Entrance to Sentosa SGD 3 ~ Rp 21.000
Lunch at Vivo City Mall SGD 7 ~ Rp 49.000
Dinner at KFC SGD 3.5 ~ Rp 24.500
Bus to Johor Bahru SGD 4 ~ Rp 28.000

ehh actually I forgot the exact bus price, maybe cheaper..

Short Trip To Singapore Day #2 Part 1

Day 2 in Singapore :) Had breakfast at the hostel (cornflakes + milk + fruits + a cup of hot tea), and checked out immediately. But we still put our bags there, so we could take a tour lightly. Outside our hostel is the famous Sultan Mosque, biggest mosque in Singapore.

 Then we took a bus to the National Museum. Ahhh the building was so classically niceee...

Here, the view inside the museum. We were just seeing around, and we didn't pay for the entrance. Too bad, because lately I heard the museum had many cool things inside, from culture to fashion. Hihihi. We were thinking to save money & time, so after we saw the museum, "Ah, so this is the museum.." then we went to another place. Poor Wirawan, he really wanted to go inside!

Then we took a walk to a MRT station that would lead us to VIVO City. We'd go to Sentosa Island!!! While we walked to nearest MRT station, we saw Singapore Management University. Cool!
And look at the road! Cars were only a few, and every cars let pedestrians walk first. Very gooood manner! I hope Indonesia could be as well-ordered as Singapore :) aamiin!

~To be continued~

Money spend at day 2 until this point: ZERO
(we've had our free pass for bus & MRT :D)
Um, I lied. I bought drink for SGD 1, so, I only spent Rp 7000 hihihi

Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Short Trip To Singapore Day #1

Just want to share a few photos and stories from my first trip abroad with friends :)
We arrived at Changi International Airport, and feel soooo amazed by the airport! Looks like a very exquisite big mall! And maps are everywhere, tourists can easily pick them for any informations about Singapore. I could just spend my day there but we didn't have much time. So many places we want to visit!
First trip was to go to hostel we already booked before. We booked Green Kiwi Backpacker Hostel at Lavender street, they offered pretty cheap price. Buuuuttt unfortunately,  they had a system error and our booking didn't exist! Luckily the staffs helped us to find another available hostel (it was a long weekend, many hostels were already full).

The photos below were our journey to Sleepy Sam's hostel (recommended by Green Kiwi). And we felt like "Wowww!! God has written this scenario for us!!" Because the Sleepy Sam's located VERY NEAR to Sultan Mosque. With the good location, the price should be expensive, but we were asked to pay at the same  price with Green kiwi ^o^ Good saving. Basically, it is in Kampong Glam / Kampong Arab, and I looveee looveee loooveee the atmosphere. Beautiful bright colors of buildings, and so many halal restaurants!

Available room was only dorm room. Do you know dorm room? I have never imagined i would spend a night in a room, with another backpacker from all around the world. Buut, it was not bad at all!! It was a big room filled with probably 20 beds, and luckily each bed had curtains for privacy. We would be outside all day long and only sleep at night, so it was okay :D
Leaving our backpack at hostel, it's time to have lunch!! Yeayy!! Kampong Glam offered halal foods! We picked "Kampong Glam Cafe" for our hungry stomaches destination :p The cheapest food was about S$ 3.5 (+- Rp 25.000) I ordered Nasi Goreng Pattaya Seafood for S$ 4.5 (second picture below). Yum yum!!
Neeext, we take MRT & bus to visit the city. We wanted to go to marina bay and see the famous Merlion Statue, but we had walked to wrong terminal a few times, hehehe. By the time we arrived at Marina bay, already daaark....
Take a walk again, and found out that the big Merlion was under construction. They built a hotel covering Merlion, so only hotel visitor could see it >.<
Then we took picture at the Merlion miniature :p
We continued our way to visit the famous Orchard Road, and saw big shopping malls. But we didn't go inside. We were backpacking, yeah, so we wouldn't want to shop the pricey things. Hehehhee... So we went to Lucky Plaza, then gone to Bugis street and had dinner there.

First Day's spendings:
Ticket +- Rp 400.000
Airport Tax Rp 150.000
2 Days Tourist Pass (to access all bus & MRT) Sgd 26 
(including Sgd 10 deposit, will be returned when we leave Singapore) ~ +- Rp 180.000
Hostel Sgd 21.5 ~ Rp 150.000
Lunch +- Sgd 5 ~ Rp 35.000
Dinner +- Sgd 5 ~ Rp 35.000

Total Day 1 = Rp 950.000 --> actually cheaper than this! 
Depends on currency :D
Pictures from my camera, Mirsa & Adhit. Thanks ;)

Quick Update

Long time no blogging :)
  1. Alhamdulillah I am still alive, healthy and happy.
  2. I will meet up some Surabaya's blogger: deviseftia, mbak inge, mbak aishilely on Sunday, May 15. We'll have lunch at Royal Plaza Surabaya. If anyone interested to join, mention me at twitter @tianandaw or email We still don't know where to eat so you'd better be informed...
  3. Last week I went to Jakarta, joining "Training 7 Keajaiban Rezeki" by Ippho "Right" Santosa. It's a must-read book, you know... :) Written in the book, many useful tips to bring luck to our lives.