Kamis, 21 April 2011

Wide Leg Trouser?

"Wide trousers can be treated as like we wear skirt. We can wear shorter blouse/shirt."
Is it true?? Well, make sure that the crotch is loose enough. You don't wan't that area to be tight so people can see your body shape...
Shawl: Delisha; Tee: unbranded; Trouser: MADE BY ME :P; Shoes: Marie Claire
Ummm, forgive my grumpy face >.<

Yeaayyy finally I wear my self-made trouser!!
Personally I still think this look is kinda plain and too boyish :p And looks shorter and wider (fatter) ahahahahahh

Become a daily style? No.
Wear it next time? Only if I need to wear trouser for heavy activity. Otherwise? Prefer Skirt / Knee length dress + jeans heheheh