Senin, 18 April 2011

T-Shirt Revamped To Tulle Dress

Just remembered I got this... A plain T-Shirt, got revamped by adding some fabric yoyos (flowers) and tulle for tutu skirt at the waist. And cut the neck line, and shorten the sleeves. Done this at February 2011 for T-Shirt Remake Competition but didn't win. The theme was "Valentine"... Mine was "floral bouquet". Actually the design itself has 2 lollipop inserted, to add cuteness hehehe. 

Ahhh you should see the other competitors, theirs were sooo creative! I only got them captured by my cellphone, and the picture quality is so no no no no...

Enough talking. Enjoy :)
 Just add some fabric yoyos and sew tulle around the waist!

I said bye bye to this thing yesterday. Cut it into half. Probably I'll turn the "skirt" into tulle bag... And the upper side? I'll take the fabric yoyos to create cute brooches :) lalalalaaaa...