Kamis, 07 April 2011


What I wore to work yesterday:
Cardigan as blouse: Elizabeth toko tas di Surabaya; Belt: from mom; Beads necklace: Manggadua; Shawl: Mom's; SKIRT: MADE BY ME :D :D :D *grin*

hihihihi... those skirt was my very first outfit creation from sewing lesson. I've read all your comment from previous post (sorryyy i haven't visited your blog! Will do that at weekend, okay? :D)
And many of you said, wanna study sewing.
I encourage you all! Learning is fun! And once you get attached with your sewing machine, your sleeping dreams will be about sewing and your feet will keep moving just like when you hit the machine.
Of course I'm kidding.

Happy news today. Briptu Norman's punishment was done in a peaceful way :)

6 komentar:

  1. ti ti..sepatunya lucu dee *wink2

  2. aku suka warna beltnya yang eye catching.

    Briptu Norman? punishmentnya lucu juga yaa

  3. selalu iri sama beltnya yg hasil minjem ibu... hadewwww... mauuu hahaha
    waaa makin buat iri pengen bisa jahitttt... hahaha

  4. skirt buatannya bagus :)
    setuju sama Elsa, suka jg sm warna beltnya.

  5. bagus ti, ikat pinggangnya.. walaupun kontras tapi rasanya cocok aja dipadupadankan

    #sok ngerti mode gw

  6. waw..keren2
    sepatuna keren, dapet di elizabeth jg kah?

    btw beltna keren, tapi kurang ada temenna ntuh, mungkin necklace na ditambahi warna biruna biar balance :D

    overal sip dah, sekalian pake hat rajut manteb lagi, hehe


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