Selasa, 19 April 2011

From Me To You :)

What a pleasure to be able to share thoughts and ideas.... and knowing that people love it! :)

1st News: 
Thank you mba Chitra for interviewing me 3 reasons why we should learn sewing! :D I'm not good enough to be interviewed (coz I'm still learning, and my sewing is so blablebloblaaa not neat #acakadut). So big thanks to her who believe that I'm a sewing-junkie ;D
Err, my brother said my face there looked very stupid >.<
See other reasons in mba Chitra's article! Especially if you are still questioning to learn sewing :D

2nd News:
Shofa liked my idea of reversible vest and she created her own, asymmetrical vest... Look at it :D awwww I'm happy to see it! *pssst she used different technique to make the arm holes... I'm sure it's better than mine ^o^
If we take the longer side to the shorter, I think it will look like kimono! Nice! :D

So, have you ever been inspired by my blog? Ehehehehhh :">