Jumat, 29 April 2011

Finding Another Passion

When routines has gotten dull, 6 college friends decided to go see the world. This is their first adventure going abroad together to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Do you wonder, where is the next destination?

We did asked a large number of people, but in the end, only 6 of us can do the trip. Weeks before the trip was thrilling, I felt so excited.
And then we travelled. See the world. So interesting to learn new places, new cultures. Going to somewhere I could only see the pictures. Trying new foods. Getting lost in translation. I am totally falling in love with traveling. 
When I got home, everything felt like a dream. Empty inside my heart. Then, I can't wait to experience another adventure pretty soon I hope :)

I've forgotten my joy for creativity, and now, traveling is my passion. Hehehh.. kidding :p

Now I need to earn more & save more for the next triiipppp :D
Details on the backpacking trip coming soon.

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  1. tia, your video is very cool ^^

  2. hey... i just found that travelling was my new passion too... but sure, I am really thankfull to gat that chance of feeling... ^_^


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