Sabtu, 09 April 2011

DIY: Reversible Batik Vest

Done making a simple vest yesterday. Started at 6 am in the morning, finished in less than 2 hours, and wore it to office :D
(click pictures for larger images)
 (sorry for the disturbing face and bad quality of pictures heheheh)

I found 2 sheets of batik fabric, they were scraps of mom's uniform :p
Mine were @ 105 x 50 cm. You can have them larger. No need to measure seriously.

In photo: (1) cut rounded the bottom; (2) have the wrong side (bad side of fabric) facing you, sew the sides but leave the top unsewn; (3) turn out, now you have good sides facing you. Pin the top side for easier sewing; (4) sew the top; (5) make arm holes. Tips: use your blouse to mark where the arm holes should be.

You're done. You can wear it for many styles... wear the bottom side for top, wear as cowl vest, wear it inside out, or whatever, just as you like.

For the arm holes, I used blanket stitch (tusuk felton). Couldn't think the fastest way to make them neater coz I was about to go to office. Yesterday was batik day, right? Heheh. But actually the blanket stitch was the-most-time-consuming part of the creation. So if you can suggest another easy way to stitch the arm holes, I am happy to hear that :D (kepikiran pake bisban tapi gak ada di rumah)