Jumat, 29 April 2011

Finding Another Passion

When routines has gotten dull, 6 college friends decided to go see the world. This is their first adventure going abroad together to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Do you wonder, where is the next destination?

We did asked a large number of people, but in the end, only 6 of us can do the trip. Weeks before the trip was thrilling, I felt so excited.
And then we travelled. See the world. So interesting to learn new places, new cultures. Going to somewhere I could only see the pictures. Trying new foods. Getting lost in translation. I am totally falling in love with traveling. 
When I got home, everything felt like a dream. Empty inside my heart. Then, I can't wait to experience another adventure pretty soon I hope :)

I've forgotten my joy for creativity, and now, traveling is my passion. Hehehh.. kidding :p

Now I need to earn more & save more for the next triiipppp :D
Details on the backpacking trip coming soon.

Jumat, 22 April 2011

My DIY Fabric Wallet

Spent my Sunday all day thinking (the mechanism of a proper wallet), cutting and sewing. 
Meet my new love. 

Sorry, no tutorial, heheheheh... As I sewn this without enough preparation, and spend so many trials & errors that were left undocumented.
Well, actually the first steps were captured. But why should I make tutorial when I have no pictures of the last steps?

TIPS for making next wallet: Use cardboard for inner (maybe). Mine is not stiff enough.
But I won't make this once more... Tooo difficult for meeeee.... T^T

Kamis, 21 April 2011

Wide Leg Trouser?

"Wide trousers can be treated as like we wear skirt. We can wear shorter blouse/shirt."
Is it true?? Well, make sure that the crotch is loose enough. You don't wan't that area to be tight so people can see your body shape...
Shawl: Delisha; Tee: unbranded; Trouser: MADE BY ME :P; Shoes: Marie Claire
Ummm, forgive my grumpy face >.<

Yeaayyy finally I wear my self-made trouser!!
Personally I still think this look is kinda plain and too boyish :p And looks shorter and wider (fatter) ahahahahahh

Become a daily style? No.
Wear it next time? Only if I need to wear trouser for heavy activity. Otherwise? Prefer Skirt / Knee length dress + jeans heheheh

Selasa, 19 April 2011

From Me To You :)

What a pleasure to be able to share thoughts and ideas.... and knowing that people love it! :)

1st News: 
Thank you mba Chitra for interviewing me 3 reasons why we should learn sewing! :D I'm not good enough to be interviewed (coz I'm still learning, and my sewing is so blablebloblaaa not neat #acakadut). So big thanks to her who believe that I'm a sewing-junkie ;D
Err, my brother said my face there looked very stupid >.<
See other reasons in mba Chitra's article! Especially if you are still questioning to learn sewing :D

2nd News:
Shofa liked my idea of reversible vest and she created her own, asymmetrical vest... Look at it :D awwww I'm happy to see it! *pssst she used different technique to make the arm holes... I'm sure it's better than mine ^o^
If we take the longer side to the shorter, I think it will look like kimono! Nice! :D

So, have you ever been inspired by my blog? Ehehehehhh :">

Senin, 18 April 2011

T-Shirt Revamped To Tulle Dress

Just remembered I got this... A plain T-Shirt, got revamped by adding some fabric yoyos (flowers) and tulle for tutu skirt at the waist. And cut the neck line, and shorten the sleeves. Done this at February 2011 for T-Shirt Remake Competition but didn't win. The theme was "Valentine"... Mine was "floral bouquet". Actually the design itself has 2 lollipop inserted, to add cuteness hehehe. 

Ahhh you should see the other competitors, theirs were sooo creative! I only got them captured by my cellphone, and the picture quality is so no no no no...

Enough talking. Enjoy :)
 Just add some fabric yoyos and sew tulle around the waist!

I said bye bye to this thing yesterday. Cut it into half. Probably I'll turn the "skirt" into tulle bag... And the upper side? I'll take the fabric yoyos to create cute brooches :) lalalalaaaa...

Sabtu, 09 April 2011

DIY: Reversible Batik Vest

Done making a simple vest yesterday. Started at 6 am in the morning, finished in less than 2 hours, and wore it to office :D
(click pictures for larger images)
 (sorry for the disturbing face and bad quality of pictures heheheh)

I found 2 sheets of batik fabric, they were scraps of mom's uniform :p
Mine were @ 105 x 50 cm. You can have them larger. No need to measure seriously.

In photo: (1) cut rounded the bottom; (2) have the wrong side (bad side of fabric) facing you, sew the sides but leave the top unsewn; (3) turn out, now you have good sides facing you. Pin the top side for easier sewing; (4) sew the top; (5) make arm holes. Tips: use your blouse to mark where the arm holes should be.

You're done. You can wear it for many styles... wear the bottom side for top, wear as cowl vest, wear it inside out, or whatever, just as you like.

For the arm holes, I used blanket stitch (tusuk felton). Couldn't think the fastest way to make them neater coz I was about to go to office. Yesterday was batik day, right? Heheh. But actually the blanket stitch was the-most-time-consuming part of the creation. So if you can suggest another easy way to stitch the arm holes, I am happy to hear that :D (kepikiran pake bisban tapi gak ada di rumah)

Kamis, 07 April 2011


What I wore to work yesterday:
Cardigan as blouse: Elizabeth toko tas di Surabaya; Belt: from mom; Beads necklace: Manggadua; Shawl: Mom's; SKIRT: MADE BY ME :D :D :D *grin*

hihihihi... those skirt was my very first outfit creation from sewing lesson. I've read all your comment from previous post (sorryyy i haven't visited your blog! Will do that at weekend, okay? :D)
And many of you said, wanna study sewing.
I encourage you all! Learning is fun! And once you get attached with your sewing machine, your sleeping dreams will be about sewing and your feet will keep moving just like when you hit the machine.
Of course I'm kidding.

Happy news today. Briptu Norman's punishment was done in a peaceful way :)

Rabu, 06 April 2011

Do you know why this outfit was special?

"Hey I don't see something special, Tea."

I'll tell you in 5 seconds...
I wore this to office yesterday.
 What's special about this???

I MADE THE BLOUSE MYSELF!!!! Yaaayyyy!!! \(^0^)/
"Wait... you mean, you SEW it yourself??"
Uhuh. Yeah. I sew it myself :D :D :D :D
This is the third task of my sewing school :) Making blouse. I still can't believe I am able to do that.
A few months before, I was a girl who is afraid using sewing machine. And to produce clothes by my own hand, well, nothing beats the pleasure ;)

Minggu, 03 April 2011

Quick! If you want to join HFW!

Hijabi Fashion Week will be here in a moment. If you are willing to join, please visit them here. Today is the last day of subscription!! (Max subscription: 2 April 2011)