Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

I came from the past

Aha. So bored with what's "in" right now, hijab wear and style. Yeah I'm not following the trend. I came from the past :D Slouchy look Tuesday:
Checkered blouse: thrifted online shop Blast from The Past; Owl necklace: from my cousin; Corduroy skirt: from Mom since 1st year of college; Moccasin shoes: from Dad since Junior High School (SMP); Bag: mayonette

BTW 1: THANK YOUUUUU for your sweet comments and wishes on my latest birthday post :) Hope you all be healthy & happyyyyyy ^^
BTW 2: my favorite blog, my milk toof had a contest. I WAAANNTTTTT THE FREE BOOOOKKKK!!!!

4 komentar:

  1. kmbali k zaman dulu...tp keren mb...necklacex sama dg pxq :)
    mb,crx bwt image kyk potox mb gmn sih?kq bs ada tulisannx 'click here'

  2. Hello ,
    some color would be nice too like pink or blues . do what you like don't follow trends unless you really like it . also etsy.com is a great place to gather artistic inspiration . kawaii japan is nice too .

  3. cool! I like the top!
    btw, Happy Birthday!! :)

  4. @Radyta: ada widget Wibiya, bisa cek di bawah blog ku... kalo nginstall widget itu otomatis bisa ada "click picture"nya ^^

    @va: awww thanks for the suggestion. anw each time I visit etsy, will be amazed and feeling so-not-creative compared to all those creative crafters :P
    @Chitra: thankyouuuuuu chitraaaa ^^


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