Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Hijab: Rethinking

Lately I've found out some articles that made me rethinking, about the intention of wearing hijab.

From ListeNinda:
....Jilbab, buat saya, mestinya menjadi sebuah perlawanan kultural dari sebuah gerakan yang menghinakan tubuh perempuan. Tapi jilbab juga mestinya menjadi sebuah konter religius dari eksploitasi kaum kapitalis yang mengeruk keuntungan dengan cara merampas kenyamanan perempuan yang melalui cara-cara yang brutal, antara lain  dengan menakut-nakutin perempuan mengenai fenomena penuaan (keriput, kulit kering, noda kehitaman di wajah) yang sebetulnya pasti terjadi....
....Hijab, in my opinion, should be our cultural resistance against exploitation of women's concept of beauty. Hijab should be our religious defense from capitalism which takes advantage from women and making them feel uncomfortable of their body (body is too fat, skin is too dark), and their natural aging (wrinkles, dry skin, black spot, etc.)....

From Stylish Muslimah:
The concept of hijab is slowly being either changed, ignored or forgotten altogether.
 In this day and age, 'wearing' the hijab to follow the rules of Islam is only one of many reasons a girl may have to do it. It is also the only intention that will lead her to any sort of reward.
I am not about to embark upon a long torrent of holier-than-thou preaching (as I am far flung from perfection), but this is just a small reminder that we should constantly question our intentions in the way we act, talk and dress, especially around those of the opposite sex (it does not cease to amaze me how 'free-mixing' has become something normal and encouraged amongst Muslims).
A good video to let us rethink:

Me myself is still far far away from perfection. But let's learn to be a better person everyday. And always remember our intention to wear hijab. Let hijab be our guard, from the opposite sex's attention and from the heat of hell in the after life :)