Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Design Competition and Vannara Giveaway

UPDATE: kuis-nya diperpanjang sampe 31 Maret 2011!!
*pas banget, belom sempet ngumpulin, wekekeke :p*

In this not-so-young age, it's hardly to find a design competition :P If there is any, we must compete with the pro's. Then I got an info... 
My past office, Vannara, held some giveaways (it's their birthday event). Vannara is a muslimah clothing line, made by comfortable cotton & modest designs. Some ways to get free clothes:
1. Tell them your daily style (fave colors, hijab style, fave accessories, etc) including your picture. 10 winners will be chosen to get free clothes & bag.
2. DESIGN an outfit based on cotton, which captures the tagline "The Colors of Simplicity". 2 winners will get Rp 150.000, free clothes (the real version of your design), & free bag.

Send your entry to before March 15, 2010. You are free to join one or two categories.
Source of picture: Vannara
PS: Because I worked there, I find myself too shy to join the 1st category, hehehehehehehe b'coz the judges were my bosses :P But I'll tryyyyyyyyy
Let's join and try some luck (^o^)v
PS2: Hurryyyyy, a week left :D