Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

The Art of Apron

My design school will had a gathering next Saturday at Surabaya Town Square (Sutos). The theme is: Art of Apron a.k.a Celemek. Each student must create an apron with Icon printed on it. Any Icon. Someone uses Eiffel Tower, someone Lady Gaga, someone Michael Jackson, etc. I chose Mulan as my Icon (for apron). Yeah, Mulan is cool, you know. She is strong and sooo heroic! The-only-one-heroic Disney Princess.

This is what my apron turned out to be *I SEW THIS MYSELF hehehehe*. Not finished yet in my concept, but I think I'll just let it be like that.

Below is the original design (yeaaahhhh it looks better on the sketch :( I'm losing the "oriental fan" look, because the transfer paper were too small). Some details I made: fabric flower and dragon skin fabric origami..

Detail of icon (printed on transfer paper, then being ironed to the fabric):
PLAN is not always the same with RESULT. I cannot attend Saturday's Arva Gathering. Means, I will not wear this apron to Surabaya Town Square. And I will not see what everyone else would wear (other students create greeaaat greeaaat beautiful artsy aprons!)

On Saturday I'll go to Hijabers Community Launching. If any of you go to HC Launching, maybe you'll see me there :) (not wearing apron, of course).

Hoahm so sleepy. Bye bye for now. Remember to pray before sleep, and think about nicest things, because before sleep, we enter "alpha wave" -- what we think, the universe will respond. CMIIW :)

UPDATE:: my sewing-teacher will wear my apron to Arva gathering @ Sutos next Saturday :)