Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

The Art of Apron

My design school will had a gathering next Saturday at Surabaya Town Square (Sutos). The theme is: Art of Apron a.k.a Celemek. Each student must create an apron with Icon printed on it. Any Icon. Someone uses Eiffel Tower, someone Lady Gaga, someone Michael Jackson, etc. I chose Mulan as my Icon (for apron). Yeah, Mulan is cool, you know. She is strong and sooo heroic! The-only-one-heroic Disney Princess.

This is what my apron turned out to be *I SEW THIS MYSELF hehehehe*. Not finished yet in my concept, but I think I'll just let it be like that.

Below is the original design (yeaaahhhh it looks better on the sketch :( I'm losing the "oriental fan" look, because the transfer paper were too small). Some details I made: fabric flower and dragon skin fabric origami..

Detail of icon (printed on transfer paper, then being ironed to the fabric):
PLAN is not always the same with RESULT. I cannot attend Saturday's Arva Gathering. Means, I will not wear this apron to Surabaya Town Square. And I will not see what everyone else would wear (other students create greeaaat greeaaat beautiful artsy aprons!)

On Saturday I'll go to Hijabers Community Launching. If any of you go to HC Launching, maybe you'll see me there :) (not wearing apron, of course).

Hoahm so sleepy. Bye bye for now. Remember to pray before sleep, and think about nicest things, because before sleep, we enter "alpha wave" -- what we think, the universe will respond. CMIIW :)

UPDATE:: my sewing-teacher will wear my apron to Arva gathering @ Sutos next Saturday :)

Mori girl-me :D

I love mori girl's style! Layers, loose, and comfortable. Did I tell you that I am still looking for a style that suits me best? Tried chic & modern style, failed. Quirky style, no way. Gothic? Umm, honestly, even though I don't do gothic make up, I used to wear dark colored clothes. And times that I really feel comfortable is wearing some kind of vintage, loose outfit. Just like Mori Girl's :)
Okay I admit I am not cool. Just leave my blog now. You won't get any inspiration here nyehehehehe :p

Seeing the end, in front of you.

I still cannot imagine, how's the feeling of people whose being in front of death. The feeling of people inside those cars which were hit by sea waves, 11/03/2011.
It's like my nightmare some years before, about the end of the world. In the nightmare, I stood in front of a window, watching the world slowly falling down. Nothing we can do. We just know that this is it. This is the time to let everything go.

My deep condolences goes to every victims in Japan's tsunami. May Allah brought them to a better place in peace.
And may the disaster reminds us about death, which we couldn't predict. So that, we must be ready every time, and always do good deeds.

Senin, 07 Maret 2011

Design Competition and Vannara Giveaway

UPDATE: kuis-nya diperpanjang sampe 31 Maret 2011!!
*pas banget, belom sempet ngumpulin, wekekeke :p*

In this not-so-young age, it's hardly to find a design competition :P If there is any, we must compete with the pro's. Then I got an info... 
My past office, Vannara, held some giveaways (it's their birthday event). Vannara is a muslimah clothing line, made by comfortable cotton & modest designs. Some ways to get free clothes:
1. Tell them your daily style (fave colors, hijab style, fave accessories, etc) including your picture. 10 winners will be chosen to get free clothes & bag.
2. DESIGN an outfit based on cotton, which captures the tagline "The Colors of Simplicity". 2 winners will get Rp 150.000, free clothes (the real version of your design), & free bag.

Send your entry to before March 15, 2010. You are free to join one or two categories.
Source of picture: Vannara
PS: Because I worked there, I find myself too shy to join the 1st category, hehehehehehehe b'coz the judges were my bosses :P But I'll tryyyyyyyyy
Let's join and try some luck (^o^)v
PS2: Hurryyyyy, a week left :D

Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Hijab: Rethinking

Lately I've found out some articles that made me rethinking, about the intention of wearing hijab.

From ListeNinda:
....Jilbab, buat saya, mestinya menjadi sebuah perlawanan kultural dari sebuah gerakan yang menghinakan tubuh perempuan. Tapi jilbab juga mestinya menjadi sebuah konter religius dari eksploitasi kaum kapitalis yang mengeruk keuntungan dengan cara merampas kenyamanan perempuan yang melalui cara-cara yang brutal, antara lain  dengan menakut-nakutin perempuan mengenai fenomena penuaan (keriput, kulit kering, noda kehitaman di wajah) yang sebetulnya pasti terjadi....
....Hijab, in my opinion, should be our cultural resistance against exploitation of women's concept of beauty. Hijab should be our religious defense from capitalism which takes advantage from women and making them feel uncomfortable of their body (body is too fat, skin is too dark), and their natural aging (wrinkles, dry skin, black spot, etc.)....

From Stylish Muslimah:
The concept of hijab is slowly being either changed, ignored or forgotten altogether.
 In this day and age, 'wearing' the hijab to follow the rules of Islam is only one of many reasons a girl may have to do it. It is also the only intention that will lead her to any sort of reward.
I am not about to embark upon a long torrent of holier-than-thou preaching (as I am far flung from perfection), but this is just a small reminder that we should constantly question our intentions in the way we act, talk and dress, especially around those of the opposite sex (it does not cease to amaze me how 'free-mixing' has become something normal and encouraged amongst Muslims).
A good video to let us rethink:

Me myself is still far far away from perfection. But let's learn to be a better person everyday. And always remember our intention to wear hijab. Let hijab be our guard, from the opposite sex's attention and from the heat of hell in the after life :)

Rabu, 02 Maret 2011

niNa The Canine Teeth

Win please winnn!!! >.<

My entry for My Milk Toof's contest. Made by clay dough :) (and paper for her eyes and mouth)
Awwww making one of those is really hard. I REALLY DO appreciate Inhae Lee for making such cute creatures (ickle and Lardee), and create every single little prop for her stories...

Please welcome my character: niNa, which is apparently LOOVEEE cheese burger (like I do!!) hahahaha

wowww other entries are great too!!! everyone is soooo creative!!!
Don't know my chance.... At least I've tried :)

I came from the past

Aha. So bored with what's "in" right now, hijab wear and style. Yeah I'm not following the trend. I came from the past :D Slouchy look Tuesday:
Checkered blouse: thrifted online shop Blast from The Past; Owl necklace: from my cousin; Corduroy skirt: from Mom since 1st year of college; Moccasin shoes: from Dad since Junior High School (SMP); Bag: mayonette

BTW 1: THANK YOUUUUU for your sweet comments and wishes on my latest birthday post :) Hope you all be healthy & happyyyyyy ^^
BTW 2: my favorite blog, my milk toof had a contest. I WAAANNTTTTT THE FREE BOOOOKKKK!!!!