Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Spice up & Jump up this year!

Salaam... I haven't got the chance to write about this project I did last year :D *um, let's just say I forgot to write hihihihi*

November 2010, me and my cousin was in a project to design our family company's calendar. We must take photo shoot of traditional herbs & spices (it's the theme of the calendar).
The hardest part of the photo shoot is how to arrange the herbs, those tiny scraps, to look beautifully. I've been helped by my mother to pick items such as napkins, "talenan", and some traditional decorative items. She also helped me arrange some of them. Then I added some finishing touch, so it can look good at camera.

I know, there's a profession out there called "food stylist". And my ability is not even close to them. And I cannot cook. But somehow, I don't wanna let this be handled by food stylist. Not only because they're expensive. The reason is "I wanna try, give me a chance". Inspiration comes from googling and reading books.

So here it is... Sorry for the poor arrangement, I hope this is beautiful enough. Please give me critics if they hurt your eyes.
Arrangements: my mother and I; Photographed by: my cousin Caraka & his friend Dito

 Jump up!!! (Finally I have a "perfect jump" captured by camera hahahahaha)
My cousin and I act crazy after having one-day photo shoot. Oh yeah. Taking 7 pictures could take so long long time.

The design draft of calendar. By me. Hehe.
Had been printed for wall-calendar and desk-calendar (the version is in corel. too lazy to make it .jpeg and publish it here).

Okay, see you then, bye byeeeee....

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  1. yang udah jadi-nya buat kalender itu bagus ti. suka deh, warnanya jadi ramah-mata. heee..
    main2 dong ke blog aku ti :)

  2. baguss ti kalenderrnyaaa :p berbakat beneran kamu mah hehehe

  3. oh pemotretannya buat kalender ya kak..keren kok hasil jadinya..
    walaupun buat foto yg di awal cahayanya sedikit aga over eksposure..hehe

  4. kereeeeeeeen banget
    udah layak disebut professional!


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