Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Never Bored

...wearing the same piece of batik dress, over and over again!
(Since I haven't bought more pieces of batik)

Batik dress: Dua Putri (Sutos Surabaya), Cardigan: unbranded, Bag: Mayonette, Shoes: UP
Sorry if you have to see me wearing this dress again in this blog heheheheh

Truthfully, I avoid shopping clothes right now. Well, what's the use of learning sewing if I still buy clothes? The sewing lesson has been emptying my wallet too, hahahaha
*But still, I am still far far away from "sewing neatly"
Had a problem to control machine to move in a direction I want. Just like driving a car.
Ahhh remembering I had done driving lesson twice and until now I'm not able to drive, really breaks my heart -__-"
Semangat semangat semangat!!! :D