Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Meet up!

Last Sunday, I had the chance to meet two blogeritas I've known since the beginning of me blogging :D
 Mbak Lely had lived in Surabaya, achieving her degree as a doctor. Too bad we haven't met when she still lived here. She has moved to Sulawesi with her husband. Luckily, last week mbak Lely went to Surabaya. 
Mbak Elsa is an entrepreneur (I assumed). Around 2009 accidentally read her blog and amazed that her blog was soooo yellow! (She's yellow lover). Last week she had a business at Surabaya.
And the first meet up was held!

Meet Mbak Lely around 1 pm, we went to see Irna Mutiara's boutique: Up2Date. Then going around, looking for something to eat.
Eating at Top Noodles, and had a chit chat. That time mbak Elsa was still had something to do at other place (she planned to "runaway" to meet up for a while :D).
 Source of photo: Aishi Lely
Surprise!! Finally mbak Elsa come with her sister & baby Dija!! I think Baby Dija is the youngest blogger :D!! Hahahahaha
Source of photos: Mbak Elsa
Visit Yellow Life blog to read the story :) Want to see them again, such nice people ^^

Hmmm.... I'm wondering, when will be the next blogger meet up? Who lives at Surabaya? :D

What I wore:
Taupe maxi dress: Vannara, Crochet outer: from Mom (Bali), Crochet brooch: from Mom (pasar Atum), Flowery yellow belt: Mom's (JMP)