Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Garage Sale!

Seeing these things abandoned in my closet makes me guilty. Never been used since I don't know. Well, I guess it's time to let them go, someone will love them more than I do :) 
Will be updating this entry (blog post) if I have more to sell.

Brand: Shoelicious, bought at Centro Plasa Senayan last Lebaran. Condition: 90%. Worn 2 times. Very comfortable and light weight.
Buying price: about Rp 175.000. Letting her go (selling price) for Rp 120.000.

 Brand: Amante, bought at Sogo dept Store Galaxy Mall. Condition: 85%. Worn 2 times. Material: imitation leather.
Buying price: +- Rp 340.000, letting her go for Rp 240.000
Amazingly, for me who never worn high heels, this shoes is sooo lightweight & comfortable. I could wear it a day long without pain. But then I have no moment to wear her again.

Brand: Laviola, bought at Matahari dept. store. Worn +- 3 times. Condition: 90%. The material is a little bit hard, maybe because it's lack of use. Glue seen inside the shoes, from it's fabrication.
Buying price: +- Rp 170.000 (discounted from Rp 200.000-an), letting her go for Rp 70.000.
The slim shape doesn't suit my wide feet.


Brand: unbranded, bought at online store. Worn once just for blogging -__-" Condition: 100%. Length: +- 86 cm.
*well, I never have the guts to wear this pants outside my room!*