Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

The Cotton Bat Girl

Another pictures found!! :D :D
Did the photo shoot for last year's HFW, but not finding a fitted category :p
Please welcome, The Cotton(ink) Bat(wing) Girl!

Wearing Cotton-ink maxi dress in dark navy and my-own-designed-batwing cardigan
Umm, actually my hijab covered the chest but somehow the tie creates a silhouette like I tucked the hijab

Umm... please pretend you don't see this stupid picture. -__-"

I wonder what my grand children (someday) will ask me.
Grand Children: "Grandma...!!"
Me: "What, dear?"
Grand: "I found pictures of a girl on the internet, name is T*an*nd*!"
Me: "Well, that's my name.."
Grand: "She is weird."