Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

24 on 24

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAYYYYY  :D
I turned 24 on the date 24, this happened just once in a lifetime, hehehehe...

Hope Allah gives us the best, more wisdom, health, and.... wealth. And successful life, love, and afterlife :)


By the waaaayyyy, I got a birthday voucher from Pourvous Body Care!!! 50% discount!! Yippiiieee....
If anyone wants to try the products, you can contact me before 3 March to enjoy the discount with me... hihii I'm a nice girl, aren't I?? :P
My plan: buy Blossom Tea Body Lotion...

Kamis, 24 Februari 2011

Jail Break

Daily outfit:
Stripe dress: Graphis, Grey shawl: Elizabeth (the bag store) Surabaya

Loving my shawl.... Had a rosette sewn on it :D
I've worn this outfit for work. Ummm... not too formal, I guess :P
*looks like I've run away from jail, hahahaa*

Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

Meet up!

Last Sunday, I had the chance to meet two blogeritas I've known since the beginning of me blogging :D
 Mbak Lely had lived in Surabaya, achieving her degree as a doctor. Too bad we haven't met when she still lived here. She has moved to Sulawesi with her husband. Luckily, last week mbak Lely went to Surabaya. 
Mbak Elsa is an entrepreneur (I assumed). Around 2009 accidentally read her blog and amazed that her blog was soooo yellow! (She's yellow lover). Last week she had a business at Surabaya.
And the first meet up was held!

Meet Mbak Lely around 1 pm, we went to see Irna Mutiara's boutique: Up2Date. Then going around, looking for something to eat.
Eating at Top Noodles, and had a chit chat. That time mbak Elsa was still had something to do at other place (she planned to "runaway" to meet up for a while :D).
 Source of photo: Aishi Lely
Surprise!! Finally mbak Elsa come with her sister & baby Dija!! I think Baby Dija is the youngest blogger :D!! Hahahahaha
Source of photos: Mbak Elsa
Visit Yellow Life blog to read the story :) Want to see them again, such nice people ^^

Hmmm.... I'm wondering, when will be the next blogger meet up? Who lives at Surabaya? :D

What I wore:
Taupe maxi dress: Vannara, Crochet outer: from Mom (Bali), Crochet brooch: from Mom (pasar Atum), Flowery yellow belt: Mom's (JMP)

Sabtu, 19 Februari 2011

Never Bored

...wearing the same piece of batik dress, over and over again!
(Since I haven't bought more pieces of batik)

Batik dress: Dua Putri (Sutos Surabaya), Cardigan: unbranded, Bag: Mayonette, Shoes: UP
Sorry if you have to see me wearing this dress again in this blog heheheheh

Truthfully, I avoid shopping clothes right now. Well, what's the use of learning sewing if I still buy clothes? The sewing lesson has been emptying my wallet too, hahahaha
*But still, I am still far far away from "sewing neatly"
Had a problem to control machine to move in a direction I want. Just like driving a car.
Ahhh remembering I had done driving lesson twice and until now I'm not able to drive, really breaks my heart -__-"
Semangat semangat semangat!!! :D

The Cotton Bat Girl

Another pictures found!! :D :D
Did the photo shoot for last year's HFW, but not finding a fitted category :p
Please welcome, The Cotton(ink) Bat(wing) Girl!

Wearing Cotton-ink maxi dress in dark navy and my-own-designed-batwing cardigan
Umm, actually my hijab covered the chest but somehow the tie creates a silhouette like I tucked the hijab

Umm... please pretend you don't see this stupid picture. -__-"

I wonder what my grand children (someday) will ask me.
Grand Children: "Grandma...!!"
Me: "What, dear?"
Grand: "I found pictures of a girl on the internet, name is T*an*nd*!"
Me: "Well, that's my name.."
Grand: "She is weird."

Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Experiment 2010 - The Silver Skirt

Assalamu'alaikum :)
Long time no post about daily outfit... No mood for photo shoot and mixing & matching >.<

Been so busybusybusy lately, because I join a sewing class at Tuesday + Friday noon, a design class at Monday + Friday evening and keep working on Monday to Saturday. Forget to count the sewing homework heheheh
Keep up the spirit!!!! SEMANGAAAATTT!!!! \(^o^)/
Many many many people out there are much more busier than me, and even more tired.
SO, alhamdulillah :) Thank You Allah for every opportunity I have now.

BTW I found this picture in my hard disk. Awwww, I took the photo shoot at February 2010. Yeah, last year. Just an experiment of clothing, not really wearing them. Besides, the skirt is actually only a piece of fabric :D

Kinda cute to have a skirt with frills in the belt like that hohoho. Still haven't got the fabric sewn.

Minggu, 13 Februari 2011

Spice up & Jump up this year!

Salaam... I haven't got the chance to write about this project I did last year :D *um, let's just say I forgot to write hihihihi*

November 2010, me and my cousin was in a project to design our family company's calendar. We must take photo shoot of traditional herbs & spices (it's the theme of the calendar).
The hardest part of the photo shoot is how to arrange the herbs, those tiny scraps, to look beautifully. I've been helped by my mother to pick items such as napkins, "talenan", and some traditional decorative items. She also helped me arrange some of them. Then I added some finishing touch, so it can look good at camera.

I know, there's a profession out there called "food stylist". And my ability is not even close to them. And I cannot cook. But somehow, I don't wanna let this be handled by food stylist. Not only because they're expensive. The reason is "I wanna try, give me a chance". Inspiration comes from googling and reading books.

So here it is... Sorry for the poor arrangement, I hope this is beautiful enough. Please give me critics if they hurt your eyes.
Arrangements: my mother and I; Photographed by: my cousin Caraka & his friend Dito

 Jump up!!! (Finally I have a "perfect jump" captured by camera hahahahaha)
My cousin and I act crazy after having one-day photo shoot. Oh yeah. Taking 7 pictures could take so long long time.

The design draft of calendar. By me. Hehe.
Had been printed for wall-calendar and desk-calendar (the version is in corel. too lazy to make it .jpeg and publish it here).

Okay, see you then, bye byeeeee....

Garage Sale!

Seeing these things abandoned in my closet makes me guilty. Never been used since I don't know. Well, I guess it's time to let them go, someone will love them more than I do :) 
Will be updating this entry (blog post) if I have more to sell.

Brand: Shoelicious, bought at Centro Plasa Senayan last Lebaran. Condition: 90%. Worn 2 times. Very comfortable and light weight.
Buying price: about Rp 175.000. Letting her go (selling price) for Rp 120.000.

 Brand: Amante, bought at Sogo dept Store Galaxy Mall. Condition: 85%. Worn 2 times. Material: imitation leather.
Buying price: +- Rp 340.000, letting her go for Rp 240.000
Amazingly, for me who never worn high heels, this shoes is sooo lightweight & comfortable. I could wear it a day long without pain. But then I have no moment to wear her again.

Brand: Laviola, bought at Matahari dept. store. Worn +- 3 times. Condition: 90%. The material is a little bit hard, maybe because it's lack of use. Glue seen inside the shoes, from it's fabrication.
Buying price: +- Rp 170.000 (discounted from Rp 200.000-an), letting her go for Rp 70.000.
The slim shape doesn't suit my wide feet.


Brand: unbranded, bought at online store. Worn once just for blogging -__-" Condition: 100%. Length: +- 86 cm.
*well, I never have the guts to wear this pants outside my room!*

Minggu, 06 Februari 2011

Apple Juice

A couple of years ago, me was at college and my little brother at his first year of junior high school. We used to have silly fights, like this one...

Apple Juice

Happy birthday, my brother. I guess you're no longer silly like that anymore :D