Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

What I Love Recently

1. Movie:
3 Idiots
This is an Indian movie, and watching it can really makes you laugh, and then cry, and then happy... just like a roller coaster. I think this movie is really smart and you need to watch it!! Love love love the characters and miss them when the movie's over.
PS: Ummm, don't be fooled by it's cover... the first time I saw it, I thought it's kind of (sorry) porn movie. But nonononno it's not!! What a greeeaaaatttt storyyyyyy

2. Song:
Man In The Mirror - Michael Jackson
Must be heard and must read the lyrics!!! I love how MJ created songs with universal theme, not always about love. Fallen in love with this song while watching This Is It, and love it even more after I know the lyric :)
I'm Starting With The Man In The Mirror / I'm Asking Him To Change His Ways / And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer / If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place / Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change
3. Event:
For those who don't know, HFW is an international fashion event when bloggers around the world showcase their outfit for a specific theme in a week. How fun is it? :) *you can search the label "HFW" on my blog hehee*
And they now have a facebook page, and twitter. If you would like to know or join the next HFW (coming soon this year), please Like and Follow :)

PS: I won't be joining the next HFW... It's your turn, ladies to showcase your looks :)

7 komentar:

  1. 3 idiots emang kereeeen banget yaa
    mekipun banyak adegan khas india yang gak mungkin banget, atau ngarang banget gitu... kebetulan yang dipaksakan, tapi... its such agreat movie actually...

  2. Tante Tia, kalo LIB itu yang design bukan Ibu Noni...

    sayang ya, Ibu Noni pas sekolah di Arva dulu, belom ada butik LIB

    LIB itu punya adiknya Oma, tantenya tante elsa gitu
    hehehhe bingung ya?

  3. saya juga sukaaa bgt sama 3 idiots. taun lalu nontonnya di PP.

    thanks for sharing HFW. jadi nge-like fb nya

  4. 3 idiots di donlot duank ga di tonton :D

    aku nungguin tia ikutan HFW aja de, biar dapet inspirasi ;)

  5. waa ka tia ikutan HFW lagi? aku tunggu ya kaa postingan HFWnyaaa :)

  6. @mb. Elsa: yup, gimanapun ceritanya menyentuh banget :D
    @baby Dija: pasang donk hasil desain bunda Noni ^^
    @meutia: yukk mareee nge-like :D

    @dv & niken: saya nggak ikut HFW lagiiii... yang kemaren sudah ikut, di HFW besok ga muncul lagi :) ngasi giliran buat yg laen :D

  7. tiaaaa..knp ga ikutan HFW lagii?ttp ikutan dooonk..biar rame..hehe.. *padahal aku blum bikin HFW post sama skali :p*


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