Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

New Year, New Challenges

Assalamu'alaikum warohmatullah wabarokatuh..
Happy new year, all!

The sad part of leaving 2010 was because December 31, 2010--which is yesterday--was my last day working at my office. My friends were questioning, why? They thought managing fashion business is my dream.
Well, that's true. And it's my dream, too that someday I will have my own label.

So my plans on 2011 are:
Working at my family's company, which is a catering. They had been offering me to do the branding & merchandising things since months ago. Wait.... does it have connection to my dream? Oh yeah :) After some compromises, they allowed me to study sewing and pattern making. The class will began hopefully on January 2011.

You can see that studying sewing was the biggest motivation, hehe.

According to the plans, I resigned. My bosses was kinda shocked at the beginning, but then accepted it with sincerity. I was very glad that I was given the opportunity to work there with two very inspirational owners (young husband and wive), they have broad visions of their business. Taking care of it seriously, and believe that every person who has worked there should come out as a better person, and hopefully can have their own business.. Thank youuuuu for finding me :')

Then one of the owner decided to join me study sewing! Because she has a big passion for fashion too. From boss to classmate! Hehehe isn't it amazing? :D

Spent the last days of 2010 having a role as a coach for my successor. Hopefully she can manage the office well :) Good luck girl!
Having a good-bye lunch at the office (I brought mi pangsit), and the designer there--who always count the last hours before the goodbye--brought watermelon. Aaahhhh will be missing those moments.

So, goodbye Vannara. But do wait for me to come there coz I still want to buy clothes!!!! Hehehehe...

Hmmmmm... as my boss found me through my blog, there's a big chance that she will read this post too. I just wanna say a biigggg thank youuu for everything! ^^

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  1. we prefer partner than boss... =) thank you for the past year, it's been a great opportunity to worked with you side by side. wishing u a blasting new year n future... believe that both of you (you n my wive) still have dreams to catch... best regards from the team... =) salam ZAhRA

  2. AAAAAAGGGHHHH I knew it!!!! You all gonna read my post! Hahahaha I was really blushing & a bit teary reading your comment!! Hiks hiks...
    thank youuuuuuuuuu ^^
    AMIIINN for all the prayer!!!

  3. Hahaha...!!!! You are so welcome, Tiaaa...!!! See you at our sewing course... *grin

  4. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  5. Wow !! you're so brave !!
    Mention that most of us prefer the fixed income rather that chasing our dreams
    Resigning is also my resolution in 2011, wish me luck :D

  6. reisgning??
    usaha sendiri memang jauh lebih asyik!!

    semoga berhasil ya Tia
    dan sukses tentunya


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