Rabu, 26 Januari 2011

Black & Taupe

What I wore to office (and continued to design class at evening):

Black cardigan: unbranded, Taupe abaya: Vannara, Scarf: Zoya, Shoes: UP

The first picture was taken at my room, and the second picture at my office :D (me came first! So no one notice me click click camera! hahahaha)

What do you think of this combination?
I've heard that we should wear darker outfit for bottom, and lighter color for tops. Guess I'm breaking the rule... But rules are there for breaking, huh? :P

Looking good but not as ourselves?
Do you ever feel that sometimes we don't act like ourself, regarding to fashion? Me do. Just because I would meet stylish people at my design lesson, I would do some effort to mix & match clothes. Spending minutes in front of wardrobe, feeling like I've got nothing to wear. Then spend minutes more mixing this with that or those with these until finding good match.
That way, (maybe) I would look appropriate compared to other design students.

But maybe we could just be ourselves... not pretending to be cool or something. Just wear what we like. Whether it's so out of date, or we've worn it several time... it is much more relaxing (and even comfortable) to let go the stress of wanting new fashionable things--that will lead us to be unstoppable shopper.

Well, I'm still on my journey to have my own style. Are you? :)

PS: I wore UP shoes, designed by Indonesian blogger Diana Rikasari. It's soooo (amazingly) lightweight and comfortable :D