Minggu, 09 Januari 2011

Best Comments of The Harem Pants Post

Salaam :) How are you doing? Actually I'm not in a good mood for blogging hehehe... Wanna share a lot of  things but don't wanna spend more time in front of computer -__-" eughh

Um, from the Harem Pants Post, I've got 3 best comments :)
1st: TOO BAD she is ANONYMOUS!! @_@
Anonymous said...
I LOVE harem pants- and I think you've got the attitude to carry them off! I would suggest a more fitted top that ends at your waist, and maybe a cropped or shorter jacket/cardigan for modesty. That would balance the voluminous proportions of the harem pants. Also, gladiator sandals and ballet flats (if you're taller) or strappy heels( if you're not!) work well with this look. Have fun wearing them!
>> Reading this comment boosts my confidence hehehe :] and I guess what she suggest is sort of my style ^^

2nd: Fitri Aulia from Kivitz
Fitri Aulia said...
kalo akuuuuu, aku suka yg ke 3 sih. warna cardinya udah cucok skali. ga usah takut dgn warna gonjreng. cuma sayang kurg panjang sedikit aja sih cardinya. enaknya sampe tutupin bagian bokong, hehe.. maaf ya kalo ada kata2ku yg kurg berkenan. Salam :)

>> Awww thanks for reminding me to be covered up properly, dear ;)

3rd: Cik Hannah Afia from http://alfafea.blogspot.com/
Cik"Hannah-Afia:3 said...
Salaam. Firstly, those pants are gorgeous! :DD Umm, how about wearing a nude colored button down shirt (plain) tucked in, topped of with a sleeveless drapey vest, maybe in white? And black pumps & black socks? Kind of an office suit but also kind of casual coz of the pants.. And a plain dark brown hijab, perhaps? :X
>> Aha! Drapey vest is a cute idea :D

So, given the answers, probably the look will be like this or that ^^
And this is the prize for Fitri Aulia. A drawing of you. Sorry for the lame painting hehehee.
BTW she has a great style and still being modest :) 

For Cik Hannah Afia, I'll be waiting for your picture (been commenting on ur blog but maybe u haven't read it). For Anonymous, so sorryyyy since you're anonymous I can't contact you and anyone claiming to be those 'anonymous' wouldn't be accepted :)