Jumat, 28 Januari 2011

Batik & Purple

Yeah, the same batik dress as in yesterday's post :D
*actually yesterday's post was the outfit I wore last week on Friday*

Here's what I really wear yesterday. Umm, my office's dress code at Thursday and Friday are batik. Since I don't have much clothes in my closet, you'd caught me wearing things over and over again.
 Purple tee: unbranded from 2006 (wow I still use it! :D); Inner hijab: square; Batik: Dua Putri (Sutos, Surabaya), jeans: Graphis; shoe: nevada (Matahari); beaded rope as belt; mom's crochet brooch
Turn back!! Oh no!! I have tail!!! don't see!! -___-"

Ohhh I guess I need more batik clothes.
But, ummm,,, it's not a primary need...! do not shop, Tea!!!
it's not a sin to wear the same clothes every week :))